Cebit 2007 MAD Coverage Day 2

Tradeshow & OC events by jmke @ 2007-03-25

In part 2 of our Cebit coverage we present to you the latest products from Leadtek, PNY, Lian-Li, MSI, Alphacool, Mushkin, OCZ, Scythe, Silverstone, Sparkle, MACS, Casetek, Spire, Titan, Twintech, XFX, Zalman and ZEROtherm. Read on to learn more about 4mm thick water blocks, V8 style CPU heatsinks, TEC Cooled GFX cards and much more.

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Leadtek & PNY

Welcome back to our long overdue part 2 of Cebit coverage; part 1 you can find here.


Leadtek had their stand in a Hall where GPS and navigation devices were dominating; their new business products include GPS capable units so they were placed far away from the other graphics card manufacturers.

They had the usual suspects from the NVIDIA range at their booth, but also a nice line-up of passively cooled models with custom heat pipe heatsinks, these silent video cards are available from the low end 7300GT up to high end 7950GT.

Madshrimps (c)

Their live demo systems featured water cooled Geforce 8800 GTX cards in SLI, with this egg like pump/reservoir setup:

Madshrimps (c)


PNY had no separate booth this year, but were showcasing their latest graphics cards at the Supermicro stand. The latest additions to their product line are the new Quadro based workstation GFX cards: FX4600 and FX 5600

* Next-Generation Vertex and Pixel Programmability-Shader Model 4.0 enables a higher level of performance and ultra-realistic effects for OpenGL and DirectX 10 professional applications

* Largest Frame Buffers-Up to 1.5 GB frame buffers deliver throughput needed for interactive visualization and real-time processing of large textures and frames, enabling the superior quality and resolution for full-scene
antialiasing (FSAA)

* New Unified Architecture-Industry-first unified architecture capable of dynamically allocating compute, geometry, shading and pixel processing power for optimized GPU performance

* GPU Computing for Visualization-Featuring NVIDIA CUDA technology, developers are, for the first time, able to tap into the high-performance computing power of Quadro to solve complex, visualization problems

Madshrimps (c)

Madshrimps (c)

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Comment from jmke @ 2007/04/22
some people are not ashamed...

quote from that page:
For several years now, I have been visiting the technology Valhalla in Hannover, and this year was no different. Leaving at 4 am on a cold Saturday morning, I left my cozy home in The Netherlands for a four hour drive. Arriving safely, I settled in comfy seats in front on the entrance, since the doors only opened at 9 am, DUH!
quote from our article:
For several years now the Madshrimps have visited the technology Valhalla in Hannover, and this year was no different. Leaving at 3AM on a cold Thursday morning two crazy shrimp left their cozy homes in Belgium for a five hours drive.Arriving safely they settled in comfy seats in front on the entrance, since the doors only opened at 9AM, DOH!
and then this:

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You mailed them ?
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The last time was a more than a year ago? I couldn't remember exactly.
Comment from jmke @ 2007/04/22
I mailed them, owner of the site removed the article; quick response there.
Comment from AJ. @ 2007/04/23
Wow, got some plagiarism there. I hate it when people take others stuff and try and make it theirs
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Lol, why doesn't this surprise me.