Madshrimps @ Firstlook 2013

Tradeshow & OC events by leeghoofd @ 2013-10-14

Firstlook is one of the largest gaming shows in the Benelux. It is a pur sang trade show for the game publishers. Already in its 6th edition and the amount of visitors is each year steadily growing. This in contradiction to other game events alike E3 and co which are attracting less and less visitors. Two days of complete mayhem for the gaming community are awaiting you, plus a prefixed maximum visitor number enables the gamers to test out and see the eagerly awaited new gaming titles for the last quarter of the year, this without having to stand in the queue for hours. A good concept which has been proven successful year after year. The hardware vendors also take full benefit of this occasion to show off their product range to the gaming crowd. ASUS NL always has a great booth at the Firstlook trade show and a little show by two nutty overclockers always attracts a crowd. Time to head off to the Jaarbeurshallen in lovely Utrecht.

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Firstlook 2013 Impressions

The 2013 edition seemed at first glance less packed with booths then the previous Firstlook 2012. However this was mainly due to relocation to a bigger hall, thus allowing the crowd to easier navigate their way through their gaming heaven. Since I'm a first person shooter addict the new Wolfenstein, Battlefield 4, Call of Duty and Destiny game caught my attention. No lonely boring nights expected in the upcoming 6 months, however absolute mayhem on the battlefield !






Too bad, but not unexpected, no filming, nor taking pictures was allowed at most preview booths. Just a quick intro to the new game and if possible some limited play time was foreseen. Firstlook is of course not alone for the PC market: the consoles are still going strong and remain dominant in the gaming market.






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