Madshrimps LN2 benching at FoM 15.1

Tradeshow & OC events by leeghoofd @ 2013-09-25

On regular basis the Madshrimps OC team tries to expose our die-hard overclocking passion with the grand public. Either these events are vendor supported or on initiative of the amazing nutty crew at the Tones shop. This year Manu from Tones got the idea to show off the latest Intel high end processor range not at their shop, but at the biggest LAN Party in Belgium: Frag-O-Matic. Mixing Gamers with Overclockers has always been a weird formula at first glance. However the numerous OC events at Campus Party, Dreamhack,... have been very fruitful and are always big big fun. Time to head over to the Oktoberhallen in Wieze.

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Benching is a passion, where or who we do it with doesn't matter, as it always turns out to be fun times... It's always great to hang out with similar nerdish clockers :P.

Frag-O-Matic 2013 was a well organised event from start to finish. Kuddos to the FoM crew! These guys of course share the experience of about 43 previously organized LAN parties. A great atmosphere, friendly and albeit sometimes noisy gamers shouting out their frustration, after losing another game.

Surprisingly we saw a lot of sponsored teams, a total contradiction with LAN parties a decade back in time. Pro Gaming is here and it's good to see it reached the European shores. Of course the expectations of these pro gamers are high and the stakes are even higher...







A big thanks to the Tones crew for having us ( again ) at their booth and keeping up with our ahum abnormal behaviour. Frag-O-Matic, hopefully we meet again in 2014 !


Leeghoofd logging off with some more piccies...






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