Madshrimps LN2 benching at FoM 15.1

Tradeshow & OC events by leeghoofd @ 2013-09-25

On regular basis the Madshrimps OC team tries to expose our die-hard overclocking passion with the grand public. Either these events are vendor supported or on initiative of the amazing nutty crew at the Tones shop. This year Manu from Tones got the idea to show off the latest Intel high end processor range not at their shop, but at the biggest LAN Party in Belgium: Frag-O-Matic. Mixing Gamers with Overclockers has always been a weird formula at first glance. However the numerous OC events at Campus Party, Dreamhack,... have been very fruitful and are always big big fun. Time to head over to the Oktoberhallen in Wieze.

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Saturday Benching

The rest of the team arrived on saturday morning. Being strongly adviced to bring some extra lighting, as the entire room was almost completely dark during most of the LAN party, this making our overclocking attempts even more challenging.

Pt1t brought his MSI LGA2011 GD45+ motherboard and started to bench the brand new Ivy Bridge-E processor and GTX780 Lightning card... setting a new CineBench Team record with the 4960X ES CPU humming at a nice 5814MHz.





Oldscarface took my Rampage IV Extreme and the 4960X for a spin with his Ares II card. The CPU was running relaxed at 5750MHz. Sadly there were some light issues between the board and this particular GPU. According one of our ASUS contacts these should be resolved with another Bios version. So again revisiting this setup at the upcoming Firstlook 2013 event at the ASUS booth.

FunskillZZ was benching a not so stellar i7-4770K with his Gigabyte Z87X-OC board near the 5600MHz mark. The ambient temperature was hurting the way he insulated his setup. Leading to fast condensation and loads of instability issues. Luckily our young paddawan listened to the old farts and always stopped benching in due time, before ending up with any dead hardware.





Joost (Rsnubje) and his brother, also were working hard on an ASUS Rampage Extreme IV board. Testing an ES, a retail 4960X and 4930K CPU. Experiencing some Cold Bug issues around the minus 150°C point with the first CPU. Luckily for them the other two CPUs were CB and CBB free. Also achieving stable clocks wit all cores activated around 5650-5700MHz, they wanted to bench a SLI setup. Then disaster struck and a spark appeared near the PCIe x16 slot. Quickly shutting down their setup to avoid any further damage. Sadly their board was toast. Maybe due to a faulty or weakened component or was it inferior insulation, who will tell ? Benching in these hot conditions is really an extra challenge, as condensation occurs more rapidly.

After the Ivy-E action, time to explore the Haswell i7-4770K on the ASUS Maximus VI Extreme. Oldscarface pretested his CPU already on the cascade ( -100°C) where it allowed him to bench near the 5.9-6GHz mark. With the colder and better controllable temperatures via the usage of LN2, that same CPU scaled later that evening nicely up to 6300MHz for some Aquamark/03 runs. At first we tried a few quick runs with the brand new MSI GTX780 Lightning card. This to verify the different CPU speeds in the different 3D benchmarks.





Benching the ASUS GTX 760 videocard led to 4 new WR's with that particular GPU core. Mission accomplished, as we set some good team scores with the GTX780 before. Boosting our overal ranking up to spot 8 worldwide!

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