Madshrimps LN2 benching at FoM 15.1

Tradeshow & OC events by leeghoofd @ 2013-09-25

On regular basis the Madshrimps OC team tries to expose our die-hard overclocking passion with the grand public. Either these events are vendor supported or on initiative of the amazing nutty crew at the Tones shop. This year Manu from Tones got the idea to show off the latest Intel high end processor range not at their shop, but at the biggest LAN Party in Belgium: Frag-O-Matic. Mixing Gamers with Overclockers has always been a weird formula at first glance. However the numerous OC events at Campus Party, Dreamhack,... have been very fruitful and are always big big fun. Time to head over to the Oktoberhallen in Wieze.

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Frag-O-Matic or better known as FoM is one of the bigger LAN events in the Benelux. This year the theme was Underwater and boy the organisation really takes the concept serious. Fishtanks everywhere, inflatable sharks and even a scuba diving tank lol. A total of 850 gamers was expected and indeed the Oktoberhallen were completely filled on Friday evening.





The Madshrimps team was reinforced by a few VIPs being: Semjon aka Tapakah, besides a nutty RAM clocker also an ex-international Russian sports athlete. Joost aka Rsnubje from Overclocking Team Holland ( OTH ). Team Madshrimps members present were my humble self, Funskillz, Oldscarface, Pt1t and Teemto.

We were of course performing our demo Ocing at the Tones Booth. They had a few of their amazing builds on display, with some jawbreaking hardware.





The Tones crew was during the entire LAN ready to assist and to resolve hardware issues of the numerous PCs at FoM2013. Ranging from installing new power supplies to improving cooling,... Great support round the clock and really much appreciated by the gamers present.



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