Madshrimps LN2 benching at FoM 15.1

Tradeshow & OC events by leeghoofd @ 2013-09-25

On regular basis the Madshrimps OC team tries to expose our die-hard overclocking passion with the grand public. Either these events are vendor supported or on initiative of the amazing nutty crew at the Tones shop. This year Manu from Tones got the idea to show off the latest Intel high end processor range not at their shop, but at the biggest LAN Party in Belgium: Frag-O-Matic. Mixing Gamers with Overclockers has always been a weird formula at first glance. However the numerous OC events at Campus Party, Dreamhack,... have been very fruitful and are always big big fun. Time to head over to the Oktoberhallen in Wieze.

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OCing Photos

Main target was to expose our passion to the big masses, however it's a nice occassion to set some new high scores. This to boost the Madshrimps Team's overal ranking on the HWBot webpage.

On Friday me and Semjon started to prepare our setups for some light LN2 action. Light because we didn't have the intention to already use up a lot of LN2. We had brought our own 65L dewar, plus the Tones shop sponsored the 360L of LN2 in the two mobile Air Liquide Rangers.





Tapakah was rapidly benching at 2800MHz Cas 6 and beyond on the ASRock Z87OC Formula board (1.7bios) I am not allowed to share final nrs, but his best kit was near the 3GHz mark, being SuperPi32M stable at CAS...




I myself started to bench 2D with the 2600K Sandy Bridge CPU at around 5950MHz speeds and set some new team records, Nevertheless the efficiency was completely lacking in SuperPi 32M as I didn't have the Elpida Hyper Corsair GTX2 kit with me. Using a BBSE powered G.Skill kit we had a hard time to nibble of them precious seconds. The score can be improved by at least 4-5 seconds easily by using the right set of ICs. Secondly somehow the P67 setup didn't like anything above 102 Bclock, not allowing to max out the RAMs either... Revisiting this setup soon !





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