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Tradeshow & OC events by leeghoofd @ 2012-06-20

AMD has joined forces with HeavenMedia for a European tour, mainly targeting the gamers audience. AMD's FX Bulldozer CPU's have been labeled as too slow in many hardware reviews. Even tough the new Bulldozer architecture looked initially very promising on paper, the performance was heavily dependent on the application being used. Sometimes performing mediocre, even slower than the previous generation Thuban processors. However sometimes beating similar priced Intel CPU's. On top of that, the infamous 8 core marketing strategy error, set some real bad blood. As performance in many multi-threaded applications was unexpectedly low. To be honest,  these Bulldozer CPU's were not really worthy to be named after the world famous FX series. But AMD fought back with some insane CPU-Z suicide runs and this GamExperience tour is very welcome to warm up the gamers again for the AMD hardware lineup.

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The Venue

After the UK event, the AMD Heaven GamExperience decided to host another one in Cologne, Germany. The location was the Atrium building in the Kalk Karee. But before the [M]Team left I had to still fill up our LN2 dewars at Jort's factory.



After a 450km drive, I arrived at the event venue. Everything was ready to go as the AMD promo team had worked hard on Friday. Multiple gaming corners were created with games ranging from F1 car simulators to first person shooters. The Overclock booth was located close to the bar, an ideal location if you ask me :p




Naturally only AMD CPU and GPU's were allowed and they have proven to be very reliable and screamingly fast during the entire event. Powering the latest game titles at high FPS with maxed out details on triple and even 6 monitors for some games. I arrived just on time for the event start. AMD fans and gamers were already eagerly awaiting to get inside.



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