F1 Overclocking Competition Takes Off!

Tradeshow & OC events by massman @ 2009-09-06

We take an inside look at world´s most ambitious overclocking competition, sponsored by the largest enthusiast companies and performed by the best overclockers the community has to offer. Free flowing LN2 and exclusive none-released hardware are pushed beyond imaginary limits to breach new world records. Read on to find out who took the lead in the 1st round.

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Short introduction and test setup

F1-OC, what is it about

Madshrimps (c)

The F1-OC competition is actually exactly what you expect: it's an elite competition for overclockers with as sole purpose to show the big public what can be done with the current generation of hardware, both in terms of raw clock frequencies and the resulting performance. During six months, with six different stages, the overclockers will have to show what they can do. What makes this league special in comparison to, for instance, the overclocking league at Hwbot is that there are manufacturers involved. So, Gigabyte, MSI, Evga and DFI, to name a few, are supporting a team of two overclockers. Next to the manufacturer teams, there are also customized teams such as Team Finland and Team Australia, which are formed by two of the best overclockers of that country.

Underneath a list of the competitors and they're positing at Hwbot (if any) and the different stages used in this competition.

Madshrimps (c)

Madshrimps (c)

The main objective of this first season is to create a proof of concept competition with as many view(er)s as possible. Future seasons ought to be completely commercialized with prize money, marketing budgets and a financial reward for both participants and organizers. The F1-OC competition focuses completely on driving technology forward and provides a window for all tech-enthusiasts which is the most performing combination of hardware available in today's stores. Next to that, it's also an approach to get the big public, which is unfamiliar with the concept of overclocking, interested in the main concepts of overclocking.

Of course, with a competition comes a certain set of rules. To keep it as simple as possible, the main man behind the creation of the F1-OC, Nick Ross (The Overclocker), laid out a very basic set of rules. You can find them underneath:

  • Retail kit only. All products must be available to purchase by the public by the end of each month.
  • No liquid Helium.
  • No cheating. This is season one and intended to push all manner of boundaries and so rules are minimal. Tricking benchmarks as per HWBot rulings 3.0, 3.1 and 3.2 are the main offences - this is not a software programming contest.

  • Submissions should follow HWBot verification and screenshot guidelines, which standard practice these days. A wallpaper will be supplied each month. Competitors are also asked to provide a list of the make and model of every component used: CPU, RAM, Hard Disk, Motherboard, PSU, Graphics card plus and additional kit like special daughter boards.

    Can you still follow?

    As Madshrimps reader, I'm pretty sure you can already see a couple of issues with the F1-OC competition, but we'll keep that for the last. First, let me show you the system that has been used by Massman for the 3DMark Vantage stage of this competition.

    Massman's F1-OC System (August)
    CPUIntel Core i7 950
  • K|ngp|n Dragon F1 EE
  • OCZ Freeze cooling paste
  • MainboardDFI Lanparty DK X58-T3eH6
    Videocard2 x MSI GTX295
    Memory3x2GB PC3-16000 OCZ Blade 7-8-7 1.65v
    PSUEnermax Revolution 85+ 1050W
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  • Special thanks to: TONES

    Before we continue I like to mention Tones (www.tones.be), without whom this would never have been possible. Thanks to their continued support, Madshrimps, is able to give you reviews with the latest high-end hardware. If you live in Belgium, check out their online store for sharp prices, quick delivery and excellent support:

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