AOCM 2 - Awardfabrik OverClocking Meisterschaft

Tradeshow & OC events by massman @ 2008-10-31

The weekend of the 25th October 2008, Geoffrey and I switched on the traveling mode and decided to pass the weekend in Minfeld, Germany. Why? Because of the 2nd edition of the AOCM overclocking LAN, of course! Meeting up with very talented overclockers from around Europe, we spent an entire day using LN2 cooling on various setups, as so did our fellow overclockers. World records and subzero cooled hardware inside.

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Sunday and conclusive thoughts


To be honest, I never figured that overclocking could be this exhausting, but the in the night from Saturday on Sunday was very though for most of us overclockers. People went to get some sleep, others tried to keep the overclocking going, but in the end every clocker either lay down or sat down.

On Sunday, we had the second part of the forum contest: the case throwing and the keyboard puzzle and some last chats with the other overclockers before we all went home, tired but satisfied.

Madshrimps (c)
The Award winning team in full action

Madshrimps (c)
The prize everyone was aiming for: The inter-forum competition

Madshrimps (c)
Damage of the hall where one day of extreme benching took place

Madshrimps (c)
Kovsk trying to get some sleep

Madshrimps (c)
We offered him some coffee, his kind of taste no doubt

Madshrimps (c)
One beautiful AwardFabrik casemod

Madshrimps (c)
Otterauge ready for his entry in the hardware throwing contest

Madshrimps' results

Now, our overclocking results can be divided into two groups: the free overclocking and the forum contest overclocking.

To begin with, the forum contests results. To be honest, we didn't had too much in the 45nm power-overclocking contest: our motherboard did not do 500FSB and our graphics card only overclocked to 800/935, which is about 50Mhz less than our competitors, a minor drawback to say the least. Having spent a whole 15 minutes on the 500FSB issue, Geoffrey and me decided to just go for the 8,5x multiplier and run the tests. Tweaking our system in haste and forgetting the most obvious enhancements ... yes, we had problems with the time limit. None the less there was no stopping us for taking the first spot in the 3DMark01 benchmark, remarkable considering the frequency drawbacks discussed a few lines back. Also noteworthy is the 8M benchmark. The crew had made clear that if you started a benchmark within the time frame, the end result was still valid, so we decided to run 8M as last, hoping to save some extra seconds. So, we did, but after a few loops, the benchmark crashed. In about 15 seconds time, we had to open memset, change tRD to 12 instead of 10, close memset, close SuperPi, open a new SuperPi, run 16kb twice and start 8M again ... and we succeeded! G: Do you feel the adrenaline already? I did! Only a few seconds after we started the benchmark, the 45 minutes of benchmarking pleasure were over, but we were able to submit a valid 8M benchmark score.

Madshrimps (c)
Yes, Belgium on top of the 3DMark01 ranking!

Next to that we had the hardware throwing and keyboard puzzle contest, in which we did average. The resulting place in the forum competition ranking was 4th, only 1 point behind the 3rd and 2 points behind the 2nd. Disappointing? No not really, because we didn't even expect to be ranked that high knowing our overclocking problems.

G: Personally I was very surprised we scored this high since... well euhm, let's say that my 2,1m case swing was about the closest someone has ever been... from the throwing spot. *bloss

Madshrimps (c)
The final result of the forum competition

Next to the forum competition we also had more than enough time to spend on the sideways overclocking projects mentioned on the previous page, but you already read it: the P45 platform didn't perform like we wanted, our S478 platform to enter the CPU-Z contest didn't boot, we had no decent gear for the 8800GTS 320MB to test it under LN2 ... but in despite of everything, we did set a new world record, one that is very special to me.

Madshrimps (c)

Madshrimps (c)

This SuperPi result is the fastest AMD K7 result on HWbot and is the second fastest in the history of K7 overclocking. We will be aiming for even better results in the future!

conclusive thoughts

For more pictures and videos of the event, please visit the Awardfabrik forum:

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  • Gianni-GT's youtube profile with videos of AOCM

    Now, let's go over this point per point to give a final verdict.

    2nd Awardfabrik OverClocking Meisterschaft

    + Michael "No_name" Schnetzer
    + 1300 liter of LN2
    + Forum competition
    + International guests
    + The entire Awardfabrik crew
    - Our high-end hardware overclocking results
    - Only two days (*wink*)

    Madshrimps (c)

    Honestly, I haven't seen anything like this in my life before. This event was set up mainly by Michael himself (although he got much help from the Awardfabrik crew) and the level of professionalism was outstanding. The event went so incredibly smooth that I even rate this higher than the MSI Overclocking event I attended a few months ago. Agreed, it was less competitive, less long, less high-brow environment, but the fact that this is not organized by an entire team of people makes it outstanding. Michael didn't only do the organization; he also entertained the audience when announcements were to be made. Okay, I didn't understand a word, as my German is a bit rusty, but I knew when to laugh and to clap.

    I honestly hope that there will be a third edition next year and that I will be able to attend that one as well. Thumbs up, congratulations ... you all did a fantastic job!

    G: This even has really surprised me in many ways, I liked the atmosphere among the 'competitors', in the end we were more like colleague's to each other, and the fact that overclocking has grown to be the driving factor behind events like this is not what I had in mind when I stepped in my car last Friday. The fun compos in between created a good distraction from the main goals, the hospitality was excellent and the nice prices sure should have deserved even more competitors, even the gamers had their own cups. If there were to be a next year I'd really like to represent our country again, for now I would like to thank the Award fabric crew and sponsors behind this event, thumbs up!

    I hope you enjoyed reading this OC report, until next time, click the banner below to read up on our previous overclocking endeavors:

    Madshrimps (c)

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