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The ASUS Open Overclocking CUP, in short AOOC 2014, is the event to host the clash between Europe's fastest overclockers. After going through three online qualifying stages 16 overclockers received their ticket to participate in the grand final. Event location is the immaculate Moscow Cyber Stadium; yes you guessed it located in the heart of the Russian Capital city. Madshrimps was invited in assisting the highly motivated Overclocking.TV crew in their shout cast.

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Schedule, Participants and Links

The happy few that after the online qualifying round at made it to the grand final were:

  1) 8pack (UK)
  2) Dancop (Germany)
  3) Wizerty (France)
  4) Alex@ro (Romania)
  5) Mortisboy (Greece)
  6) Smoke (Russia)
  7) Xtreme Addict (Poland)
  8) Perica_Barii (Montenegro)
  9) Benchbros (Germany)
  10) der8auer (Germany)
  11) FirekillerGR (Greece)
  12) giorgioprimo (Italy)
  13) Terraraptor (Kazakstahn)
  14) _12_ (Russia)


The above winners were divided in two groups: group 1 was formed by the positions 1 to 7, group 2 was formed by positions 8 to 14. Starting with the winner of the qualifier going to #7, the overclockers in group 1 could select a team member from the pool of overclockers in group 2. The overclockers would be paired in a team to compete at the AOOC 2014 Final.

While the below two Overclockers used the G3258 Pentium Anniversary Edition processor. The two Pentium qualifiers were coupled straight into Team nr8.

 15) Maedhros (France)
 16) John_White (Kazakstahn)


How the teams finally turned out can be found in the below chart made by Adeline Larrouy from ASUS:



Overclocking TV held a poll at Facebook just to see people would predict the winner. Team 1 with 8pack and der8auer came out first with the most votes, closely followed by Team #5 of Greece and Team #2 aka the German Panzers with Dancop and Benchbros.
Judges for the event would be Neoforce (Russia), SF3D (Finland) and Tapakah from Latvia. The last three have years of experience in the scene and have also been participants in many OC competitions.

The AOOC 2014 event would take two days: day 1 was the Official Competition day, while day 2 was more of a free style event, bench whatever one wants as long it was ASUS hardware. No prices on day as with the MSI MOA, just hardcore scores :)



The overall winner would be the one that mastered the single 2D stage and the three 3D stages the best. For 2D the ASUS organizing team picked Cinebench R15 from Maxon. A benchmark we also include when reviewing processors and motherboards as it scales with CPU speed, memory timings and speed. And in case of the used X99 platform the processor uncore speed was also a determining factor for a high result. 3DMark11, 3DMark Firestrike and Firestrike Extreme were the chosen 3D tests. More GPU power coming into play, though for them extra vital points again the efficiency tweaking of the entire setup is a must.






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