Vivi wins MSI MOA 2014 Grand Final

Tradeshow & OC events by leeghoofd @ 2014-10-17

It is that time of the year again, when the best overclockers of the world gather in the center of hardware, Taipei City for the yearly clash at MSI's Master Overclocking Arena. MOA 2014 is spread out over two days: on day one aka the Classic Battle, the overclockers work with hardware provided by the present sponsors: MSI, Intel, Kingston, G.Skill, Cooler Master, ViewSonic and SteelSeries. Day two, the No Limits Battle has the goal to break as many World Records with, of course, MSI hardware.

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Some Photos of the Live Action

Since we are not present at the event itself, we just hook you up with the important links where you can find all the livestream action, scoreboards,etc....



Pictures from the event via the Facebook page of Overclocking TV


Stream via the Overclocking TV via Twitch TV


Live footage here(click on link):

Watch live video from OverClockingTV on



Here is the list of attendants which qualified via the regional online qualifier system:


The hardware used during the competition was brought by MSI. The Motherboard, a Z97 MPOWER, operates the Z97 chipset Intel launched a few months ago for the Intel Haswell Refresh processors.

  • Motherboard: MSI Z97 MPOWER
  • Graphics Card: MSI GTX 780 Ti LIGHTNING MOA Edition
  • CPU: Intel ® Core ™ i7-4790K
  • Memory: G.Skill F3-2600C 10D-8GTX
  • SSD: Kingston HyperX 3K 120GB
  • Power supply: Cooler Master V1200 Platinum
  • Keyboard & Mouse: Steel Series Apex RAW / Steel Series Kinzu v2
  • LED Monitor: ViewSonic VX2370SMH-LED Monitor
  • Bench Table: DimasTech® Bench / Test Table V1.0 Mini Graphite Black




This material is devoted to the first part of the competition, the Classic Battle. The second part, the No Limits Battle, is a bit more “free” on the choice of components, it just has to be MSI products. For the graphics card, there is a choice between AMD Radeon R9, 700 and GTX 900 from Nvidia. Z97, X99 and X79 chipsets are tolerated for the motherboard. All Pentium Haswell (Refresh included) and Ivy Bridge series are accepted.


MSI MOA 2014 – Rules

Classic Battle

Competitors have two hours to reach the best score on each of the three benchmarks. Points are determined by the performance increase compared to the base score, set by MSI. Here are the benchmarks and base scores:

  • Super PI 32M: 35%
    Base score: 7 min 53 s.294
  • CineBench R15: 30%
    Base score: 841 pts
  • 3D Mark Fire Strike: 35%
    Base score: 10,719 pts

No Limits Battle

Overclockers can try to set records in fifteen benchmarks during the No Limits Battle. There is three different categories:


  • Super PI 32M
  • PiFast
  • 3D Mark03
  • 3D Mark 05
  • AquarMark 3


  • Prime
  • HWBot
  • XTU
  • Cinebench R11.5
  • Cinebench R15
  • Wprime 1024M


  • Fire Strike
  • 3D Mark 11 – P
  • Heaven DX11
  • 3DMark Vantage
  • Catzilla 720P

You can find the detailed rules by following this link. Overclockers that manages to establish more records by category win the prizes.

MSI MOA 2014 – Prizes

The cash prize of this MOA 2014 is quite comfortable : $16,000. Plus every competitor goes home with the hardware of the Classic Battle, as well as the motherboard and graphics card from the No Limits. Pretty cool!


  • 1st Place: $ 3,000
  • 2nd Place: $ 2,000
  • 3rd place: $ 1 500
  • 4th Place: $ 1,000

No Limits:

  • 1st Place: $ 2 500
  • 2nd Place: $ 2,000
  • 3rd place: $ 1 500
  • 4th Place: $ 1,000
  • 5th place: $ 500






Temporary ranking one hour to go:



UPDATE: Final ranking, well done Vivi (South Africa), Tolsty (Ukraine) and OC_Windforce (Korea) Moose83 from Germany in 4th spot finalizes the price winners!!!




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