Gigabyte CDRomland OC Workshop

Tradeshow & OC events by leeghoofd @ 2014-04-15

After a first successful outing of the Hardware.Info Pro OC team, it was time to head to a new location. Bundling forces with Gigabyte, Intel and the CDRomLand store the stage was set for another OC workshop. Since the Hardware.Info team is involved in HWBOT's Pro OC Cup some scores had to be improved to remain within the top 10. A tedious task as overclocking with a curious crowd, constantly asking questions, adds up to the challenge. Time to head over to the lovely city of Breda to the CDRomLand shop.

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Gigabyte was one of the main sponsors for this event, thus the usage of their fabulous Z87X-OC board was a logic choice. This particular board, designed with overclocking in mind has been one of the better and more versatile boards available for the current socket 1150 processor generation. Second best thing of this Z87X-OC board is the retail price. Which is far lower than any of its rival's offering.



The main remark from the previous event was that the crowd couldn't experiment themselves the techniques of overclocking; again the team opted for 3 setups, though only two under extreme cooling and one setup prepped for water-cooling. The latter setup would be used for explanation and demonstration of how to correctly start off with overclocking.





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