MSI/Informatique OC Academy featuring HWinfo Pro OC Team

Tradeshow & OC events by leeghoofd @ 2014-04-03

Sponsored OC venues are getting more and more popular; Belgian shop started this trend in the Low Lands in 2011 with the first OC Academy. The initial concept was to introduce people to the hobby of overclocking; via the knowledge of the MadShrimps crew, the attendees got initiated in the quest of more MHz Though it quickly expanded to the more extreme form of overclocking and even went international one time. Overclockers are still being used by the hardware manufacturers for highlighting the durability, quality of components and versatility of their products. Last weekend the brand new Hardware.Info Pro OC team was present at the huge shop of Informatique in the Netherlands; joining forces with MSI and this should be an ideal cocktail for new records.

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First setup comprised of:

  • Intel Haswell ES i7-4770K cooled by Der8auer Fusion Rev3.1 Pot
  • MSI z87 MPOWER motherboard
  • Crucial Ballistix DDR3 at 2400MHz or higher clocks
  • Two MSI GTX 770 Lightning cards cooled by Kingp1n FAT pots
  • Plextor M5 Pro Solid State Drive
  • Enermax Revolution 85+ 1250W Power supply



The second setup:

  • Intel Ivy Bridge-E i7-4930K cooled by Kingp1n F1 pot
  • MSI x79 XPOWER II Big Bang motherboard
  • G.SKill TridentX 16GB at 2400MHz
  • Two MSI GTX 780 Lightning cards cooled by Kingp1n FAT pots
  • Enermax and Antec Power supplies

Third setup:

  • Intel Haswell i7-4770K cooled by a single stage phase change
  • MSI z87 XPOWER motherboard
  • Avexir Dual channel RAM kit
  • MSI R290X Lightning Radeon card

The latter setup was to show off the potential of MSI's latest AMD Lightning offering and to allow the spectators to get a guide on how to overclock an MSI based setup. Guidance was given by MSI's in house overclocker T!no, assisted by mister Tapakah aka Semjon I drink LN2 for breakfast.

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