Tones OC Academy IV

Tradeshow & OC events by leeghoofd @ 2012-05-06

On the 5th of May, Tones joined forces with ASUS again, and invited the Madshrimps crew to assist the fourth edition of Overclock Academy. This time no trip into the dark woods of Netherlands, but a return to the roots of the first two Academy editions. Keep it small, cozy and limit the amount of invites to a minimum. Thus maximizing the teaching process and maybe doubling the fun. This event had to be rapidly organized. Aim was to keep it as close as possible to the launch date of Intel's Ivy Bridge processors (29th of April). Time to head off to Heist on the Hill (free English translation of Heist op den Berg) for another day overclocking fun.

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Normally the [M]crew would spend at least a day, before the event, with the setups. Sadly due to time constraints we couldn't live up to our normal standards. It was decided to leave a bit earlier on Saturday, so there was still some left to check the available hardware for proper operation. Luckily we did this, as we had big issues with two setups. Very reluctant to boot with ram clocks over 1866Mhz. One brand new motherboard even refused to work with dual channel rams. Straight RMA right out of the box, sigh. By quickly pretesting the CPU's, RAMS and GPU's, we, the teachers, had already obtained a pretty good idea of the possibilities of each hardware setup.



Our 10 pupils were winners from a contest held on, and two lucky winners from ASUS NL. Sadly two couldn't make it due to waking up too late, maybe it was more a lack of motivation. Not our loss , but theirs :p



Three big prizes were provided by the three main sponsors of this event. First price was an Intel i7 Ivy Bridge 3770K CPU. Second price, an ASUS ROG Maximus V Gene board and the third price was either a Corsair H80 cooling unit or a Corsair 90GB SSD.

The forenoon planning was to explain the most vital bios settings for CPU overclocking. The i5-3570K and 4 i7-3770K CPU's were cooled with air cooling, either via a Scythe Mugen 3 or by a Corsair H80, all in one cooling solution.



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