Cebit 2011 some highlights

Tradeshow & OC events by leeghoofd @ 2011-04-07

It's Hannover time again. After a 6 hour drive I entered the holy grounds of the Cebit 2011 Messe. Being a hardware enthousiast I went out to look for the new stuff ( as usually CES spoils all the fun ). So this is not a Cebit coverage with all sorts of cases, docking stations, USB sticks with lasers etc... Just the things that I found either good looking, innovative or usefull to the enthousiast crowd. Hence the title : some highlights :) And ofcourse as a reviewer you are obliged to meet and greet all the lovely people that send us the goodies to play with.

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ECS, Enermax and Gigabyte

ECS Elite group Motherboards :

The ECS Black range is targeted at the gamer/enthousiast community. Beefier PCB and power components, multifunction debug leds are all included in the package. Also a P67 with a Lucid Hudra chipset is in the lineup.









Including Sandy Bridge and AM3 sockets, they got the whole range well covered. The new 990 motherboard was also photographed, but we will adhere to the NDA, so no pictures yet.


Enermax :

Enermax had a brand new power supply on display, the MRX Revo. Starting from 1200W, but still multi rail. I really wonder why enermax does not step away from the split rails. Most enthousiasts prefer single rail and beefy amperages.






The PSU was demoed as being capable of powering two high end setup : one gulftown and one Thuban setup. Both with 2 GPU's running the Heaven benchmark. To proove their durability the engineers had found a rocking way to demonstrate their builds. ( a video is below )




Enermax is launhing a complete lineup of air coolers, tower to blow down cooler types. Entry, medium and high performance coolers to suit each budget or need.




New generation is the name for the new case lineup. Being just pre production models the quality build already looked top notch. The cases are designed for maximum storage and cooling.




The funniest thing on display at Cebit 2011 for me : Rock that Enermax PSU !!



Poor GPU and motherboard lol....

Gigabyte :


Gigabyte was only present in the Resellers booth : Highlights there the G1 Assassin and the brand new super duper X58A-OC board. Specifically designed for the niche enthousiast market.




Continuing in the legacy of their Super Overclock series the brand new GTX 580 and 6970 SOC versions... no official word on the clocks ( again sigh )







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