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The Senile Doctor 13th November 2003 13:46

mpl has them at 389 euro...they are mostly expensive, so somebody in belgium should at least get them @ 300 euro's...

jmke 13th November 2003 14:38

they'll fit nicely in my new house/appartement :)

The Senile Doctor 13th November 2003 14:44

you didn't want them over 200 euro's :)

i've just bought a new place, ready to be taken down by bulldozer early next year, starting the "calantak's domesticon"-thing :)

jmke 13th November 2003 14:58

underground? :)

TerAngreal 13th November 2003 15:08

looking for someone to operate that bulldozer? =)

(would be a mad modding project for sure)

The Senile Doctor 13th November 2003 16:54

above ground.

@ terA : not you, there is one house beside it that needs to stay :)

TerAngreal 13th November 2003 16:56


AchMalAch 13th November 2003 23:27

I think 389 is a very nice price for such a nice set.
But still, if we can get it cheaper.:D

AchMalAch 29th November 2003 17:47

Just got a mail from

Bedankt voor de interesse in Klipsch.
De GMX 5.1 zal vanaf eind volgende week leverbaar zijn.
Verkoopprijs : 389 incl BTW
AED import & Distribution
Alain Michiels
It looks like the prices are the same for all the sets all over BE.

*EDIT*: Check this out...

Da_BoKa 29th November 2003 18:51

389 is too much for mee but 257 sounds okay

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