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TerAngreal 6th November 2003 22:58


Originally posted by jmke

/me looks at post from TerA

with the "sound over looks" statement i was meaning the cabling, since calantak asked whether they were available as a wireless set or not ...

obviously, this design easily tops every single set creative has ever made, and even surpasses Logitech's Z-680 design, which is quite nice i'd say ...

Da_BoKa 6th November 2003 23:00

i think that the only thing thta will not be quite handy is the remote control, when you are gaming you have to find the volumebutton with your eyes closed, and here that isn't quite that


AchMalAch 6th November 2003 23:34

I hope it won't be to expensive.
I saw a digital decoder on the klipsch webshop, and it costs about $170. At AED it costs 200. So I expect the set to be about 75 more expensive then in the US. Not that big a problem huh? saving some money...

The Senile Doctor 7th November 2003 11:45

if it's only 250-275, it's perfectly doable

jmke 7th November 2003 12:41

200 is my limit, if it will be more , count me out :)

The Senile Doctor 7th November 2003 12:51

it will NEVER be below 200

jmke 7th November 2003 13:03

good, so it better be 200 then :p

AchMalAch 7th November 2003 14:11

It costs $299.99 at the Klipsch online store, so it 'll be like 350 or so here in Belgium i'm afraid. (still a doable price compared to the Magaworks from Creative...)

jmke 7th November 2003 14:15

yes, I'm sure the price is competitive, but for me personally I don't need an all round set, got a great hi-fi hooked up to my PC.

if by some miracle the price would be ~200 .. I'd consider changing.

The Senile Doctor 7th November 2003 15:25

weird person =:)

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