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RichBa5tard 6th November 2003 17:01

I know. The owner of was a good friend, but he died a few months back from cancer. :( He was still pretty young... sad story.

We used to get great prices (their list prices are high, but they have to because it has to be higher than the shops they distribute to), but I don't want to ask favours just after his dad died.

TerAngreal 6th November 2003 17:50

sorry to hear richb ...

always the same deal with klipsch : mighty fine sets they produce, but incredibly hard to get a hold of in belgium - for a decent price that is ... if the price was right, i'd buy me one of the above immediately

couldn't care less about the wires, i'd fix the satellites to my walls anyway so i would do the same thing with cabling

sound is much more importanto then looks :)

The Senile Doctor 6th November 2003 19:28

we can buy 6 sets then :)

jmke 6th November 2003 19:42


Originally posted by TerAngreal
sound is much more importanto then looks :)

/me looks at picture of box-set in first post
/me looks at post from TerA


AchMalAch 6th November 2003 20:00


Originally posted by calantak
we can buy 6 sets then :)
An idea for an IA, maybe we can get a discount then.;)

The Senile Doctor 6th November 2003 20:20

richyB, calantak, achmalach, terangreal, who wants these for newyear?
I'm feeling like a gigantic speaker give-away :^D

jmke 6th November 2003 20:25

200 is fair, sign me in.

Da_BoKa 6th November 2003 21:45

i'm looking for one too, so i'll search for some reviews and if the price is right you can sign me in


RichBa5tard 6th November 2003 21:52

I'll ask him as soon as they arrive in december, but 200 euro sounds very unrealistic.

Da_BoKa 6th November 2003 22:01

count me in if the prise is reasonable

maybe buying outside belgium ( germany, the netherlands,... ) and then someone can drive to get the speakers and distributes them to everybody ( if it ain't to far )


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