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RichBa5tard 1st November 2003 20:59

Klipsch DMX-5.1
Does anyone know how to obtain this sweet speakersystem in Europe for a decent price?

At it costs 207 euros (240$). The cheapest European price I can find is 500 euros... that's 150% more expensive!!

The Senile Doctor 1st November 2003 21:16

they sure look extremely nice!!
if they'd make this wireless, I'd pay anything
can you imagine all the wiring?

RichBa5tard 1st November 2003 21:25

I think it will be a long time before we see high quality wireless speakers that run on batteries. :)

I found a US shop that only asks 200 euro and ships international. Only problem: UPS charges 240 euro's for delivery. :D

The Senile Doctor 1st November 2003 21:27

+ don't forget...
two weeks after you get a nice little extra bill from the importservice, just got an extra 25 euro bill from fedex for my whitewaterblock...

RichBa5tard 1st November 2003 21:32

Indeed, total sum would be:
- 200 euro's for the speakers
- 30 euro's international wire transfer
- 50 euro's importtax
- 240 euro's UPS
= :(

The Senile Doctor 1st November 2003 22:02

520 euro's is too much

Sarcastro 1st November 2003 23:34

I always thought that Klipsch was a german brand.

The Senile Doctor 2nd November 2003 08:34

apparently they'rev quite loud too :)

AchMalAch 6th November 2003 16:45

So there is someone else searching for these beaties too.:o
at they distribute the Klipsch brand (as shown on ). I also asked them when these pieces of art would come available, and the answer was december. The price is still unknown...:mad:

The Senile Doctor 6th November 2003 16:57

please do keep us informed when you know just how much they cost!

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