Silverstone ST40EF PSU Review: Power Through Efficiency

Cases & PSU/Power Supplies by Berry @ 2006-12-08

Equipped with a new generation of design and components, the Element ST40EF continues SilverStone´s stride toward more efficient power supplies, with higher than 80% efficiency across all loading conditions.

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The Internals & Specifications

The Internals


First thing noted, is the lack of a seal, or warranty-sticker, preventing me to open the case.

After taking of the top-cover, the fan is exposed. It’s build by ADDA, the AD1212MS-A71GL and its temperature controlled one. Although my comment is subjective, the noise level never rose above my case fans, SilverStone FN121`s, which run near silent@ 7V.

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Looking at the inside of the supply, you’ll immediately notice the big coil and capacitor on the left, and the shear amount of cooling fins. At the lower right side, you can see the active PFC. In the centre, below the cooling-fins are the power-transistors, thyristors , coils and diodes for regulating the power distribution.

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Taking a closer look on the left side, you can see clearly the cap. and the primary and secondary coils. When comparing them to conventional and/or older power supplies their size is huge.

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Official Specifications

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Time for testing ->
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Comment from Feargeber @ 2006/12/13
ooh, I read this article about the ST40EF. Very nice.

I think this will be my next PSU for my HTPC case. Sounds very good.
I wanted to kick out my old Noname PSU in any way, as it is getting too loud.

Now I read, that even efficiency is very interesting in new PSU's.
over 80%, thats great, I do not want to know, how less efficiency my noname has......

Thanks for the Review and the informations guys.
Comment from jmke @ 2006/12/13
glad you liked the reivew Feargeber and welcome to the forums