Coolermaster USNA 95 laptop/mp3 charger tested in PSU test-lab

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Laptops are now more then ever being used for everyday tasks and even some gaming, it does not take a fool to understand that this growing market also brings along a higher desire for aftermarket battery chargers/laptop power adapters. Today we're having a look at Coolermasters latest offering, the USNA 95, and have it tested inside the PSU test-labs in Venlo

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Introduction and closed-up look

Do they still need introduction? Coolermaster has been around for more than a decade now and last few years you should certainly have spotted some of their quality build power supplies and CPU heatsinks, or is it maybe one of their many pc-cases that has caught your attention? Well today we’re once again being invited by Coolermaster to visit the PSU test-lab in Venlo in order to evaluate an upcoming entry level power supply (off course I cannot yet tell you about), but just before we left it was this weird cable which drew my attention. When I asked about what it is used for, René (the test-lab supervisor) came along with a slim laptop battery charger which apparently also wears the Coolermaster brand. With few more time left we obviously took this device for a small efficiency test and report back to our users what we found of this product. But first, let’s talk USNA 95…


A closer look



The USNA95 is Coolermasters latest Ultra Slim Notebook Adapter which can deliver up to 95 Watt combined power. “Combined?” Yes, this power converter is a 2-in-1-solution for both your notebook and iPod/mp3/cellphone, to be more precise: the USNA95 is a 90W notebook adapter with 5W USB charger integrated. That’s practical not because you can now charge a second notebook through the USB-port, no, because of the high level of integration in many of today’s gadgets and other mobile machinery a USB charger has become a common thing and so it is most handy to have one integrated in your notebook adapter. Buy 1 charger for multiple appliances!

Some specs


Inside the box

inside the box


- CoolerMaster USNA95 unit
- User Manual
- Base of Tips + 9xTips
- Cable Clip
- AC Cable Cord
- DC Cable Cord
- Bag

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