Motherboards Compared: 865PE and 915P chipset for Socket 775

Motherboards/Intel S775 by JNav89GT @ 2005-01-06

Socket 775 has given the troubled Prescott Pentium4 a much needed shot in the arm. With better voltage regulation and a new socket interface, we have hope this will cure what ails the Prescott CPU. Today we look at two viable alternatives for those looking to get into socket 775, without having to sell of a kidney to finance the transition.

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The Prescott CPU in socket 478 was not too impressive upon introduction. I vividly remember the Intel fan boys predicting the demise of AMD, because of the performance onslaught that was supposed to be unleashed. With added L2 cache and higher promised frequencies, it's not too hard to see how an ardent fan be led astray based on numbers and hearsay.

However, at launch the Prescott in socket 478 was plagued with heat issues. In addition to the stated heat issues, another reason for reports circulating about difficulty with overclocking the Prescott, was the strain on then present motherboards in meeting current demands for this chip. While certain boards were labeled "Prescott ready", I would dare those not suffering from neuropathy in their fingers to touch one of the motherboard mosfets while running a Prescott on Socket 478. I would refer you to this article for further exploration on this issue.

Socket 775 has ameliorated the power supply issue through improved power regulation (see pic below-notice all the added mosfets etc.. around socket). However, one of the main obstacles to people transitioning over to socket 775 has been the added costs of upgrading to DDR2 in some motherboards, and PCI-Express video cards in a majority of socket 775 motherboards. This would of course be in addition to the motherboard and CPU costs associated with the user's upgrade. While some people wish to upgrade their CPU, motherboard, memory and video card at the same time, other users are not so fortunate to have wallets that match their desires.

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Today we are looking at two Socket 775 motherboards that will allow users to enjoy some of the benefits of socket 775 while not requiring DDR2 memory. We have in house today one Chaintech V915P motherboard based on the Intel 915P chipset, and one Albatron PEX865 PE7 Pro based on the Intel 865PE chipset. Both boards are set to use DDR memory, and in the case of the Albatron, an AGP video card is used which could save the user money if they have a current or acceptable video card to reuse.
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