VidaBox CubeCase MiniITX Server Case Review

Cases & PSU/Cases by petervandamned @ 2010-10-15

We take a closer look at one of the latest cases coming from the mainly USA known brand Vidabox. A leading manufacturer of digital entertainment and control systems and solutions. They offer now there Cube Case for the "build your own (home) server" users among us. And their number is growing, as we have more laptops and PC's at home. So organize your documents, pictures, music and movies on one place, with some back-up options.

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Cooling and Quick Noise Test

First of all let us test the noise coming from the 2 fans and the psu. Most mini itx boards have no active fans. So i will test the PSU and fans with a power tester... or use the short cut way.


Simple and effective.


For this sound test I will be using a simple tool named EARS. And i had to shut down all my running pc's servers and laptop. I even shut down the music. Turn on the power switch and almost nothing. Wow but as it's without any hardware maybe all is in low power modus. Adding an extra testing device gives hardly any more noise. Must say great job done here!

The Analogue Sound level meter was set on the lowest and placed even inside this case. Only one handling could trigger the meter. The click of my SLR camera. The flow of the fans will keep your hardware cooled down without the sound of a big Server. With this nice result I can't wait to build me a new server.

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