VidaBox CubeCase MiniITX Server Case Review

Cases & PSU/Cases by petervandamned @ 2010-10-15

We take a closer look at one of the latest cases coming from the mainly USA known brand Vidabox. A leading manufacturer of digital entertainment and control systems and solutions. They offer now there Cube Case for the "build your own (home) server" users among us. And their number is growing, as we have more laptops and PC's at home. So organize your documents, pictures, music and movies on one place, with some back-up options.

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The Cube in depth

The CubeCase front has a door to access the hot swap drives. With the door closed you can easy access the DVD/BR drive. The left side of the front has one power switch, no reset button. Two usb connectors and the audio input for microphone and headset. Hidden behind the DVD/BR are 2 leds for the power and hdd activity. So far all normal as a normal pc case. However we find a 120mm fan in the door.

This will keep the Hard drives and motherboard surely at a low temperature.  As plenty of holes for air intake and a 80mm fan in the back of this design.

There is one non swap bracket for a hard drive and 2 hot swap brackets for 2 more HDD. Practical I will use the non-swap bracket as main HDD drive.

maybe for a (home) Server not needed but also room for any DVD/Blu ray drive or even with spacers extra room for a hard drive. Alternatively you can also use it as a HTPC, in which case a DVD/BR player will come in handy!



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