VidaBox CubeCase MiniITX Server Case Review

Cases & PSU/Cases by petervandamned @ 2010-10-15

We take a closer look at one of the latest cases coming from the mainly USA known brand Vidabox. A leading manufacturer of digital entertainment and control systems and solutions. They offer now there Cube Case for the "build your own (home) server" users among us. And their number is growing, as we have more laptops and PC's at home. So organize your documents, pictures, music and movies on one place, with some back-up options.

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Building a new home server.

Receipt for a small (home) Server

  1. A Cube Case
  2. mini ITX motherboard
  3. DVD/BR drive
  4. Hard drives
  5. Software


Mix it al gently and you have a perfect WHS ( windows home server) system.

VidaBox has a perfect guide online.

For this i will use a jetway motherboard based on the Intel Atom chipset. The Embedded Atom D510 and the NVidea GT 218 GPU are my choise as I also want to play some movies. One mini pcie slot is available for putting the system OS on a mini pcie SSD

Or add a Broadcom Crystal HD video accelerator. The last one is something you might want to try, it will give your Atom mother board a much needed boost in the HD video department.


Jetway NC98-525E-LF

One set of OCZ PC2 6400 Gold 2 time 2 gig.

LG dvd writer with a black front bezel.


And for this first test i will be using a simple Maxtor 250 gig sata hard disk. On the beta test program from Microsoft you can download a pre test version of Home server Vail. Please keep in mind this is still in beta test fase and not 100% stable.

Besides this you can use the first Microsoft home server edition or even the 10-10 or server version of Ubuntu. It's all up you what favor you want to add to your receipt.


As I previously removed some brackets and the PSU, putting your new gear inside is child's play, as my two lovely daughters demonstrate below:


End result:

Yes it need some cable mangement but first installing the software and after all is 100% stable we will wrap it up.



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