Corsair Hydro H70 CPU Cooler Tested On Intel S775,S1156,S1366 and AMD

Cooling/Water Cooling by leeghoofd @ 2010-11-19

We test Corsair’s latest all-in-one watercooling unit on 3 Intel platforms and one AMD system to find out how it stacks up to its predecessors as well as a Thermalright high end heatsink. How does it cope with different heat loads? We overclocked four systems to 4Ghz+ to find out.

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Performance With Intel S775 Q9550 @ 4Ghz

Yes we still test socket 775. Many users still run these old buggers. Many P45 based chipset boards are still going strong and are powering many quad CPU's close to or over 4Ghz.



Our S775 test setup comprises of the following hardware

Mobo : Gigabyte EP45 UD3P (Bios F11)
CPU : Intel Q9550@4Ghz with 1.35Vcore (470FSB)
RAM : 4Gb OCZ Reaper PC8500 rams
Case : Antec P160 with 3 extra 120mm 1200rpm coolers ( 2 top and 1 front )

As mentioned before  : we test the H70 with 7V and 12V spinning fans ( 1600 vs 2000rpm ), the H50 stock out of the box with one fan (1600rpm), the same H50 with the fans of the H70 ( at 1600rpm ) and finally the Thermalright Venomous X with the two Corsair H70 fans also at 1600rpm.

We did not opt to test a dual core CPU. I only have the E8600 here, that CPU does 4.5Ghz at only 1.25Vcore and really doesn't get hot at all. Really no challenge for a decent cooling unit.



The Corsair H50 has to let go. The single fan unit still keeps the CPU still far away from its thermal thermal throttling point, though it performs a few degrees worse than the air cooler. Adding a 2nd fan to the H50 gives a small temp boost and closes the gap with the Thermalright Venomous X.

The new H70 comes out on top. Cooling two degrees better than the air cooler. But we have to add here that the fans were running full blast at 2000rpm. Thus producing quite some noise, totally inadequate for a home system. When slowing the fans down with the supplied 7V converters the rpm drops down to 1600rpm. The dBa output comes close again to the H50 unit, yet manages to still beat it with over two degrees. In the previous H50 review we added the noisy Antec fans, running at 2000rpm and enabling the H50 unit to perform a little bit better. As with the H70 fans this might be great for a bench setup, but for a home PC a bit too noisy.

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