Corsair Hydro H70 CPU Cooler Tested On Intel S775,S1156,S1366 and AMD

Cooling/Water Cooling by leeghoofd @ 2010-11-19

We test Corsair’s latest all-in-one watercooling unit on 3 Intel platforms and one AMD system to find out how it stacks up to its predecessors as well as a Thermalright high end heatsink. How does it cope with different heat loads? We overclocked four systems to 4Ghz+ to find out.

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Performance With Intel S1156 875K @ 4Ghz

The socket 1156 at time of writing the H50 review was still under NDA, so I never had the chance to add the data to the review. To make up for that, I now include a setup based on Intels 875K CPU. A big thanks to Tones for supplying us with this ES Intel sample. Motherboard on duty was the MSI Fuzion motherboard that the Madshrimps team won at the MSI MOA Benelux qualifier.



CPU : Intel 875K ES CPU at 4000mhz 1.35Vcore
Mobo : MSI P55 Fuzion
RAM : Gskill 4GB Flares PC16000C7
Case : Lian Li big Tower Case


Before we look at the results a small word on the test setup. I started off with 4.2Ghz tests with the H70. The three runs of 2 hours prime completed succesfully. But with the H50 tests I ran into trouble. Randomly one of the cores started producing errors.  Looking at the recorded temps via the Coretemp software, these shouldn't have been the culprit. Adding more Vcore didn't stabilise it. After some fiddling, I decided to rerun the tests with this CPU at only 4Ghz.



Similar picture as with the Socket 775. The stock H50 trailing its competitors, even with the aid of the 2nd fan it can't keep up with the dual fan equipped air cooler. The H70 grabbing the performance crown again. As with the socket 775 setup, slowing down the fans to 7V didn't result in a dramatic drop in cooling capacity. It seems Corsair did well to decide to include the fast spinning fans and 7V adapters. It gives the enthusiast the opportunity to decide to go full blast or lower the noise to an acceptable level to make the unit enjoyable for everybody in the house. I retested the CPU with the H70 and it was happily stable again at 4.2. Temp issue then... pretty sure it was.


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