Corsair Hydro H70 CPU Cooler Tested On Intel S775,S1156,S1366 and AMD

Cooling/Water Cooling by leeghoofd @ 2010-11-19

We test Corsair’s latest all-in-one watercooling unit on 3 Intel platforms and one AMD system to find out how it stacks up to its predecessors as well as a Thermalright high end heatsink. How does it cope with different heat loads? We overclocked four systems to 4Ghz+ to find out.

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The rivals in this tests : the H50 and the Thermalright Venomous X

We tested the H50 a while back. Corsair had already updated the packaging going from a dull white box to the colourfull design, sort of being reused for the H70. The mounting mechanism also went through a midlife update. Now including all the mountings for the Intel sockets (S775/1156 and 1366) and the AMD AM2/3 brackets.



The thicker and slightly bigger rad of the H70 on the right. The first generation mounting mechanism of the H50 required a separate top bracket for each different socket. The new version is fully Intel compatible with the same bracket. No more screw/spring mountings either. Simple and effective is good enough.



The pump design also received a serious trim down. Being far lower and getting a nice Corsair logo on top will bring that little bit of *bling* *bling* in your setup. This time I didn't open the unit but during the testing no more gurgling sounds were observed at start-up ( so less air trapped in the loop ) and the pump speed is still around the 1400rpm mark.



The H50 unit had a PWM controlled fan setup ( so the motherboard could adjust the fan speed according the CPU temperature ) The H50  required you to hookup the white 4 pin fan molex to the CPU connector and the pump to another free 3 pin connector. With the H70, no more PWM controlled fans, just a normal 3 pin black molex.


The air cooler in this test is Thermalright's Venomous X cooler. Sporting 6 beefy 6mm heatpipes and an adjustable pressure mount. During all the performance tests in this review the Venomous X was equipped with the H70's fans spinning at 1600rpm. This cooler has replaced my good old TRUE 120 eXtreme.



The new AMD mount allows you to mount the cooler either horizontal or vertical. The latter which was a no go with the normal TRUE 120 included mounting.


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