Corsair Vengeance C70 Gaming Case Review

Cases & PSU/Cases by leeghoofd @ 2012-09-10

Once in a while a case manufacturer dares to innovate and therefore its new breed's design deviates from the masses. Stepping away from the milked out transformer lookalikes is in fact a great idea. Though a new design must be enhanced by utilizing a non daily color range, a palette different from the ordinary grey, alu or black colors, which we are so accustomed too. Corsair is taking a different direction with their latest Vengeance C70 case series. Our review sample sporting a military look, mainly thanks to it's olive drab greenish color, the design of the front panel buttons, the sidepanel lock mechanism and the C70's carrying handles. Let's open the box and explore the Corsair Vengeance C70.

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Test Setup and Results

Test Setup and Temp. Results

Since this case is designed for the gaming community, Madshrimps opted to install two GTX 480 GPU's. For the cooling tests the case is equipped with the Corsair H80 Hydro cooler. This to get more balanced results amongst the different cases. The hardware comprises of the following parts:



Due to the large and numerous cutouts, cable management is a breeze. This C70 can handle graphics cards up to 320mm length. Pretty good, even with the top HDD bay installed. Up to triple GPU setups are supported. No surprise to see perfect support for our Hydro 80 all in one liquid cooling solution.


Like mentioned before, cable management is easy with almost 2cm of space between the motherboard tray and the sidepanel. To secure the numerous PSU, USB and audio cables, Corsair has designed 3 handy plastic clips to do so. As long you don't try to bundle too many cables they clip down pretty easy.

Time for the temperature results. Since this C70 is equipped with dual front fans we had high expectations. The front fans are mounted at the rear of the HDD drive bays resulting in a bit more direct airflow onto the GPU's. However there is no direct ambient air sucked in via the front panel. Final outcome are average temperature results from what we have previously measured in mid tower cases. Don't let the below graph scare you, the hardware remains at pretty good operating temperatures. This X79 setup is just a hottie. If Corsair had included an extra top fan, this would have lowered the PWM temperatures drastically, but the C70 Vengeance leaves plenty of options to install extra fans.

Acoustic testing of the case with just the 3 case fans spinning at max speeds, resulted in 36dBa, an acceptable value, though it must be said the included fans don't move tons of air. The Corsair engineers achieved a pretty good balance between noise and performance. Wrap up time...

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