Coolermaster GX450 vs Nexus Value 430, low-end PSUs battle

Cases & PSU/Power Supplies by geoffrey @ 2011-07-05

Looking for a new power supply which does not cost you an arm nor leg? Today we'll be testing two value power supplies by the hand of Coolermaster and Nexus, let's see how these two settle themselves in the lower-end PSU market after they survived all of our testing methods.

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Coolermaster GX450

coolermaster product box

GX450 in big on front of the box, I doubt you'll miss it when looking for one of these. Furthermore the box also mentions the single rail design and high efficiency, plus you get 5-years warranty on this product, Coolermaster seem to have lots of faith in themselves. Inside the box, off course one GX450 PSU, a Coolermaster warranty card, an instruction manual, 4 screws and that's it.


Some pictures

psu picture

The Coolermaster GX450 comes in standard ATX size and is colored black. All cables are fastened inside the PSU but with only few cables around you shouldn't have much trouble hiding the unused ones.

psu picture

The housing is traditionally made with venting holes on the back, a AC power connector and on/off switch. The bottom side holds place for a 120mm cooling fan. This brush-less DC fan, ADDA branded, is a medium speed fan with sleeve bearing and is designed with noise in mind, therefore being low noise. The pcb is compact with larger cooling fins aiding the cooling process, circuit design is kept relatively simple and you can easily spot high- and low side switching circuit.

inside the psu

Oops, warranty voided!


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