Coolermaster GX450 vs Nexus Value 430, low-end PSUs battle

Cases & PSU/Power Supplies by geoffrey @ 2011-07-05

Looking for a new power supply which does not cost you an arm nor leg? Today we'll be testing two value power supplies by the hand of Coolermaster and Nexus, let's see how these two settle themselves in the lower-end PSU market after they survived all of our testing methods.

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Nexus Value 430

nexus product box

The Nexus Value 430 comes in a box made out of recyclable paper, combined by the fact that only 2 painting colors has been used Nexus is giving you the idea you're doing an ecological good thing. I'm, aside of good in waisting things, actually a fan of this kind of approach. Product boxes tend be very extravagant from time to time and in my eyes it's only the stuff inside that counts, unless you're about to use that box for decorating the house... Will this box lower your ecological footprint? Only a very tiny bit. Will it make a difference on a worldwide scale? I doubt it. Are you doing any good? I have no idea, I'm not really going to check up on all of this (what about the plastic?), but at least you get the feeling right. Anyway, some product pictures below.


Some pictures

nexus psu

The Value 430 is very compact and measures only 125mm long which leaves just enough space to fit in a 120mm fan. Aside of that, again the traditional PSU housing design here: cooling grill, ATX plus, on/off switch and cables fastened inside the PSU. The factory grey color makes it very boring and un-sexy, maybe the beauty resides inside?

nexus psu

The pcb is ever small with tiny individual cooling heat sinks mounted on switching transistors and diodes. On top of it a 120mm fan by the hand of Muhua Industrial Co., never heard of that company before and little info is available on the web either.

inside the psu



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