Custom Watercooling: Gamer's Rig

Howto by Gamer @ 2002-04-13

A radiator doesn’t have to be expensive, you can find it in garages with car-parts, or you can buy one for  almost nothing from a friend

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Reservoir :

Once again, this shouldn´t be expensive. Lots of solutions are possible: an aquarium, a water pipe, etc..
You should make sure you enclose your reservoir, so you can prevent dust and other things from falling in :

The installation :

Take your time, don´t rush into things..
Before installing your setup in your case, you should test it. You can discover leaks much better this way, and it´s also better for your hardware :
Sometimes you need to make some adjustments to your case, for instance when your reservoir and/or pump are placed outside your case.

The screws of my block didn´t suit on my mobo, they were to large. So I took screws from an Alpha Pal 8045T, or you can use find some in an electronic shop (for instance: Gotron ).
You can also take some 3 mm screws from a local shop, they also fitted my water block.

the attachment material delivered with the Maze 2 also fitted on the motherboard, but the method used as described above is safer for your core :)

Make sure there is enough pressure on the cool block, so it makes good contact with your CPU core. Apply some thermal paste (I used AS III, which give me another 1° less than with AS II)

Once everything is checked ant tested (and tested and tested,.. you can never be sure enough : ) you can boot your pc, and you should check IMMEDIATELY your BIOS to check your temps. If your temps are rising very quickly, something isn´t right. Check your coolblock and your tubes for bends. A little protection to prevent overheat is the "Shutdown temperature) option in your bios (if it´s supported)

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