Custom Watercooling: Gamer's Rig

Howto by Gamer @ 2002-04-13

A radiator doesn’t have to be expensive, you can find it in garages with car-parts, or you can buy one for  almost nothing from a friend

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Testing & Conclusion


With air-cooling (alpha PAL 8045T & PAPST NGM, together with 4 casefans), I could overclock my XP 2000+ to a nice 1,84 ghz. Stressed temps were 47° Celcius max, with a vCore of 2,1 Volt. That was decent enough, but it could better than that.

Now I get 1900 mhz stressed with my RC5 client, with a temp of 40° Celcius max on 2.05 Volt vCore.

An improvement of 60 Mhz.. Not bad :
The highest stable overclock I reached here, was 1942 mhz, but it was really freezing in here at that moment :-)


If you´re a real overclocker, or if you really need a silent machine, I would certainly advise watercooling. The only noise you hear are the fans on your radiator :-)

Extra photo´s:

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