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Quiet That Hyper 6 CPU Cooler Quiet That Hyper 6 CPU Cooler
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Quiet That Hyper 6 CPU Cooler
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Default Quiet That Hyper 6 CPU Cooler

Quiet That Hyper 6 CPU Cooler

[click any image for a larger view]

This is in response to the article, Battle of the Titans III: Cooler Master Hyper6 vs SP-94 and the forum discussion HERE.

Last year, Cooler Master introduced a massive CPU cooler based on new heatpipe technology, the Hyper 6. It's an impressive 2 pounds of copper and aluminum that towers above most other coolers. It seems to ignore both Intel and AMD specifications for weight, but it comes equipped with a replacement retention module and ingenious backplate to increase strength and stability. This muscle-bound HSF combo has bested the previous champions of CPU cooler technology for both P4 and K8 CPUs -- and promises to stay at the top for some time to come.

Yet the Hyper 6 has had a few problems and has weathered a few bad reviews. One common complaint has been the fact that you must remove your motherboard from its tray to install the Hyper 6. Although this is the recommended method and the only way to install the included beefed up retention module system, Cooler Master does say that you can install the Hyper 6 into the stock retention module that comes with your motherboard. But the size, weight and stature of this premium product would suggest the trouble it may be to install the HSF, according to Cooler Master recommendations, could be well worth the effort.

But the reason for this report is not to discuss the merits of whether or not the custom retention module system is worthy of your efforts. If you need something more than the too small and too difficult to read installation instructions as an inducement to utilized the parts you paid for, you can see a better set of instructions, with full size images, at the Cooler Master Forums. This report is more concerned with a couple of other issues addressed in several reviews.

Cooler Master has made claims of silence for this CPU cooler and for good reason. If you don't over-clock and you have adequate air circulation throughout your case, it's possible to run the Hyper 6 fanless. This would, indeed, be a silent solution for many. However, most users of this product will undoubtedly want to avail themselves of the additional cooling power of the included fan. Some users will even want to add yet another fan, which Cooler Master has made accommodations for. But there seems to be a couple of problems associated with using fans on this product.

The picture below shows the 6 heatpipes that protrude though the top of the aluminum shroud.

A closer view reveals a very slight gap between the heatpipes and the edges of the holes in the shroud.

It has been reported in more than one review of this product that the pipes make a noise when the fan is in use. If you pick the unit up in your hands and shake it gently, it's not hard to see -- and hear -- that there is a definite potential for vibration noise. It rattles.

The rattle is easily remedied though. Purchase three " rubber grommets and cut them in half. You will need to shave off the excess shank.

Place the rubber grommet halves over the heatpipes and press them to the base.

Test the unit by gently shaking it and you will see that the rattling sound has now disappeared. Remove the grommet halves and add a very small amount of super glue (I used a brand called Crazy Glue) and re-position them back on the heatpipes. I used tweezers to prevent getting glue on my fingers and making it difficult to position the grommets. Hold them in place for 15 - 30 seconds to ensure a good bond.

Another problem discussed is that the included fan can only be installed in the push air, rather than draw air configuration. That is because the fan has recessed holes on one side and the included screws can only reach through the fan when the screw head is in the recessed hole.

This will make it especially difficult if you wish to use a different fan, which I recommend as a solution to yet another problem reported -- the included fan is too noisy. Although the fan included with the Hyper 6 is a high quality, high velocity fan, it is a bit on the noisy side. Cooler Master actually has quieter fans available, albeit without the attached rheostat. But that is a minor problem and one you may solve with another fan control unit (and Cooler Master has several of them too).

Just using another fan is not enough to make this HSF as quiet as it could be. I recommend installing neoprene or rubber washers, fore and aft of the fan when you mount it.

As mentioned, with a different fan (or an additional fan on the other side), you will need longer screws. The size of the screw threads in the Hyper 6 is M3 -- not your standard thread size. You can, however, use a M4 thread (seen on the left), which is slightly coarser, but it will fit. The length of the screws for this application is 30mm. If you get longer, you risk damaging the copper fins in the heatsink.

You can get M4 screws at many hardware stores, or you can order the correct size from a company like McMaster-Carr online. I ordered M3 X 30mm cap screws (right) and the washers from them.

Screw the fan into place and tighten until just snug. Do not over-tighten. The use of neoprene or rubber washers on both sides of the fan isolates it and virtually eliminates any vibration. I suggest you buy enough washers to use on all your case fans.

The difference is noticeable; not just that I used an LED fan, but that the fan I used is much quieter than the stock fan. Pretty helps too.

So, with the combination of rubber grommets to silence the heatpipe rattle and the use of neoprene or rubber washers sandwiching a quieter fan, you will have not only the best cooling solution in heatpipe technology, but a nearly silent one too. Maybe even the quietest HSF of this magnitude.

Happy modding and many thanks to GideonX of for letting me bring this information to you first.

2004 Jim McClain ("Grump")

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great stuff!
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great? I would say "awesome" thank you for sharing
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Any tempresults?
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Originally posted by Vulk
Any tempresults?

I don't think that's the purpose of this thread
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