ENDORFY Omnis Pudding Blue Gaming Keyboard Review

Others/Mice & Keyboards by stefan @ 2024-05-24 read/post comments(0)

Omnis Pudding Blue has an unique signature thanks to the Kailh Blue mechanical switches, with that extra click noise, being no much heavier than the MX Reds. Because of the extra noise aspect, using these at work may disturb a bit nearby colleagues, so you should go with another switch choice in enterprise environments instead. We have tried the keyboard to type a few documents but also game in titles such as The Crew Motorfest, Fallout 76 and Escape Simulator; thanks to the extra key feedback, Omnis Pudding Blue is very precise and we did not need any time to get used to as with MX Speed. read more

Team Group MP44S 1TB M.2 PCIe 4.0 2230 SSD Review

Storage/SSD by stefan @ 2024-05-19 read/post comments(0)

The Team Group MP44S 1TB drive does offer entry-level to mainstream performance due to the use of QLC 176-layer Micron flash and not TLC, exposing the same weakness we have seen before with other drives as soon as the pSLC has been fully filled, from our estimation a size of about 240GB. While the lowest transfer rate is about 70MB/s, it should be okay in systems such as Steam Deck or ASUS ROG Ally, when used mainly for storing lots of games. read more

Patriot Viper VP4300 Lite 1TB M.2 PCIe Gen4 x4 Gaming SSD Review

Storage/SSD by stefan @ 2024-05-12 read/post comments(0)

The MaxioTech MAP1602A along with YMTC Xtacking 3.0 NAND combo performs well even when dealing with lower capacity drives as the Patriot Viper VP4300 Lite 1TB, succeeding write rates over 900MB/s even when the pSLC cache has been fully filled. It makes use of HBM instead of DRAM caching, while the heatspreader does help with heat evacuation to permit operation in environments with less than ideal airflow, such as the PS5. read more

Silicon Power XPOWER Zenith RGB 2x32GB DDR5 6000MHz Memory Kit Review

Memory by stefan @ 2024-05-07 read/post comments(0)

The XPOWER Zenith RGB DDR5-6000 64GB memory kit from Silicon Power does impress regarding total capacity, tighter timings used for both XMP and EXPO profiles but also with the fact we can overclock the modules further in order to obtain some extra performance. The RGB lighting offered by the modules is not tied to a specific platform, but supports most known motherboard utilities: BIOSTAR was not listed as compatible, but their utility could control the modules just fine! read more

AQIRYS ALYA 2.0 Wireless Gaming Headset Review

Audio/Others by stefan @ 2024-05-05 read/post comments(0)

After fully charging the headset, we started listening to different YouTube videos, watched a couple of movies but also played a couple of sessions in NFS Unbound, Fallout 4, Minion Masters and Dead Island Definitive Edition; we have noted an improvement regarding high and mid frequencies, which resulted in clearer voices, while maintaining a good representation of bass, ideal for a gaming headset! The battery capacity has been also doubled with the new revision, allowing up to 50 hours of usage from a single charge, while the 4-hour charge time remained the same, which is great! read more

Crucial 64GB Kit (2x32GB) DDR5-4800 SODIMM Memory Kit Review

Memory by stefan @ 2024-04-28 read/post comments()

After a rather long initial boot time for training purposes, our Lenovo Legion Pro 5 16IRX8 laptop loaded Windows OS successfully and the test results were surprisingly good overall, in many cases exceeding the performance of the previously tested Silicon Power kit. The capacity is the main highlight for the Crucial DDR5-4800 64GB SODIMM kit, allowing for complicated and memory-intensive processes to be ran at the same time, such as virtual machines, encoding and rendering tasks and so on. read more
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OpenAI scraps controversial nondisparagement agreement with employees

@ 2024/05/24 read/post comments(0)
According to Bloomberg, the company notified former employees that "[r]egardless of whether [they] executed the agreement... OpenAI has not canceled, and will not cancel, any vested units." It released them from the agreement altogether, "unless the nondisparagement provision was mutual."… Go To Full Article

NVIDIA RTX 5090 "Blackwell" Founders Edition to Implement the "RTX 4090 Ti" Design

@ 2024/05/24 read/post comments(0)
NVIDIA's upcoming GeForce RTX 5090 Founders Edition graphics card may implement a design closely resembling the cinder block product design the company readied for its RTX 4090 Ti graphics card that never materialized into a marketable product. This sees a… Go To Full Article

ID-Cooling Releases FX360 PRO 360mm AIO Liquid Cooler at $60

@ 2024/05/24 read/post comments(0)
ID-COOLING today announced the release of its newest product, the FX360 PRO 360 mm AIO liquid cooler, priced at just $60. Building on the success of the FROSTFLOW series, the FX360 PRO features a redesigned Gen 7 pump core, boasting… Go To Full Article

Corsair 2500X Mid-Tower Dual Chamber Chassis

@ 2024/05/24 read/post comments(0)
" ... The Corsair 2500X is one of the few micro-ATX chassis on the market that's ready-made for MSI Project Zero and ASUS BTF reverse motherboard designs. Not only does it offer great aesthetics with its panoramic views, but also… Go To Full Article

QIDI Q1 Pro 3D Printer Review

@ 2024/05/24 read/post comments(0)
Description: The Q1 Pro is the latest FDM 3D printer by QIDI and today I’m testing it to see just how well it compares with their previous generation X-Plus 3 model, among others. Go To Full Article

Granzon GAI0.1 CPU Water Block @ TechPowerUp

@ 2024/05/24 read/post comments(0)
Byksi's premium sister brand Granzon debuts on TechPowerUp with the GAI0.1 Intel-socket CPU water block. It has three top/bracket combinations to choose from, uses a copper cold plate with extremely dense fins, offers a clean aesthetic with optional RGB lighting,… Go To Full Article

Windows 11's 2024 Update is Almost Ready

@ 2024/05/24 read/post comments(0)
Windows 11 is sticking to roughly the same release schedule as Windows 10, with one major update per year. Windows 11 24H2 is due later this year as the major revamp for 2024, and now we're one step closer to… Go To Full Article

Netflix’s cozy take on Animal Crossing hits Android and iOS in June

@ 2024/05/24 read/post comments(0)
The Cozy Grove sequel is the first game from developer Spry Fox since Netflix bought the studio in 2022. In the game, you’ll embark on the high-stakes mission of helping ghostly bears upgrade their haunted island. The developer describes it… Go To Full Article

InWin ModFree Mini Mini-ITX Chassis Added to the Family

@ 2024/05/24 read/post comments(0)
InWin, a leading innovator in PC enthusiast and gaming hardware, has introduced the ModFree Mini. This latest entry to the ModFree ecosystem (First introduced in 2023) is more than just an add-on item. The ModFree Mini is small but creates… Go To Full Article

Thrustmaster Unveils New AVA, Modular and Scalable Base for Flight Simulation Joy

@ 2024/05/24 read/post comments(0)
Thrustmaster is thrilled to unveil its new modular and scalable base for flight simulation joysticks. AVA (Advanced Versatile Aviation) has been carefully designed to perfectly meet your needs and preferences, offering you a multitude of tailor-made configurations that are great… Go To Full Article

Google plans to run a fiber optic cable from Kenya to Australia

@ 2024/05/24 read/post comments(0)
Google said on Thursday it will build a fiber optic cable to connect Africa and Australia. Named Umoja (a Swahili word meaning “unity”), one end of the cable will start in Kenya and pass through Uganda, Rwanda, the Democratic Republic… Go To Full Article

Simply NUC Unveils BMC-Enabled extremeEDGE Servers

@ 2024/05/24 read/post comments(0)
Simply NUC, a global leading provider of customized PC solutions, proudly announced its most ambitious product launch to date: BMC-Enabled extremeEDGE Servers. Representing a massive leap in edge computing technology, the new product family of servers are positioned to reshape… Go To Full Article

Devolver Digital is celebrating its 15th birthday with a livestream on June 7

@ 2024/05/24 read/post comments(0)
Devolver Digital is holding a livestream event on June 7 at 2PM ET to celebrate its 15th birthday and drop a bunch of “updates and release dates for upcoming titles.” It’s part of this year’s Summer Game Fest, which also… Go To Full Article

LPDDR6 LPCAMM2 Pictured and Detailed Courtesy of JEDEC

@ 2024/05/24 read/post comments(0)
Yesterday we reported on DDR6 memory hitting new heights of performance and it looks like LPDDR6 will follow suit, at least based on details in a JEDEC presentation. LPDDR6 will just like LPDDR5 be available as solder down memory, but… Go To Full Article

Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine 2, PvP Mode Confirmed With Official Trailer

@ 2024/05/24 read/post comments(0)
The trailer reveals a whole new PvE experience and the return of the beloved PvP mode from the first game. Unveiled during the Warhammer Skulls Festival live stream, this trailer also marks the opening of digital pre-orders on PlayStation 5,… Go To Full Article

Google pays $60 million to tell users to eat glue

@ 2024/05/24 read/post comments(0)
The tool, which gives AI-generated summaries of search results, appeared to instruct a user to put glue on pizza when they searched “cheese not sticking to pizza.” Go To Full Article

LG C4 OLED TVs are down to record-low prices ahead of Memorial Day

@ 2024/05/24 read/post comments(0)
LG’s latest OLED smart TVs are on sale via Amazon. These are the C4 models and not the pricier G4 flagship displays, but they still boast plenty of bells and whistles for the discerning couch potato. The deals apply to… Go To Full Article

Chieftec Apex Q @ TechPowerUp

@ 2024/05/24 read/post comments(0)
The Apex Q (which stands for quiet) is meant to be an understated, sound dampened version of the Apex or Apex Air. With its ability to hold E-ATX boards alongside a 420 mm radiator, the Apex Q could present a… Go To Full Article

The 1TB 14-inch MacBook Pro M3 is cheaper than ever right now

@ 2024/05/24 read/post comments(0)
You can pick up a specced-out version of last year’s MacBook Pro M3 for cheaper than ever right now, at $1,800. This is a discount of $200 for Apple’s flagship laptop with 1TB of SSD storage and 16GB of RAM.… Go To Full Article

Leica takes on Fujifilm with the compact D-Lux 8

@ 2024/05/24 read/post comments(0)
With small and stylish compact cameras like Fujifilm's X100 VI all the rage for influencers, Leica has decided to jump back into the game. The German brand just unveiled the $1,595 D-Lux 8, a followup to the D-Lux 7 released… Go To Full Article

Lenovo Releases Fiscal Year 2023/24 Earnings Report

@ 2024/05/24 read/post comments(0)
Lenovo Group today announced Q4 and full-year results for fiscal year 2023/24. After resuming growth in Q3, the Group reported year-on-year revenue growth across all business groups in Q4, with Group revenue increasing nearly 10% year-on-year to US$13.8 billion, net… Go To Full Article

Next Crop of MSI Project Zero Motherboards to Implement CAMM2 DDR5 Memory

@ 2024/05/24 read/post comments(0)
The CAMM2 and LPCAMM2 form-factors were originally designed for thin-and-light notebooks, to provide them with memory replacements/upgrades without compromising on the Z-Height tolerances of the device's design. It looks like MSI sees a future for the CAMM2 form-factor on desktops,… Go To Full Article

Kobo Clara Colour review: Judging books by their covers is now more fun

@ 2024/05/24 read/post comments(0)
Kobo isn’t the first on the color-ereader scene; Boox and Pocketbook have had color ereaders and tablets for years. Both of those companies make beautiful, premium devices that are highly capable and customizable — but they don’t offer the plug-and-play… Go To Full Article

Google introduces password sharing for family members

@ 2024/05/24 read/post comments(0)
Google's Password Manager now allows password sharing, albeit in a limited way with family members, Android Authority has reported. "With this new feature, you can now securely share your passwords with your family group in Google Password Manager. When you… Go To Full Article

ASUS NUC14RVHv7 and ASRock Industrial NUC BOX-155H Review

@ 2024/05/24 read/post comments(0)
Intel's Meteor Lake series of processors has had a drawn-out launch since its details were officially presented in September 2023. The series marks Intel's foray into the consumer market with a tile-based chiplet configuration held together with Foveros packaging. Similar… Go To Full Article

Chipzilla releases IPU E2100 DPU

@ 2024/05/24 read/post comments(0)
The official designation is Intel E2100-CCQDA2. It features two ports that can be set up as either 1x 200GbE or 2x 100GbE, and it also accommodates a division into 4x 25GbE. Additionally, the card includes a 1GbE out-of-band management port. Go To Full Article

China will never get its paws on Taiwan’s chipmaking machines

@ 2024/05/24 read/post comments(0)
According to two sources, ASML has given assurances to US officials regarding its capability to deactivate the machines from afar, following discussions with the Dutch government about the potential threat. The Netherlands has conducted simulations of an invasion to evaluate… Go To Full Article

AMD Radeon Anti-Lag 2 Making a Comeback with Counter Strike 2

@ 2024/05/24 read/post comments(0)
AMD Radeon Anti-Lag+ is making a comeback with the game that caused it go away in the first instance—Counter Strike 2. The technology is undergoing a rebranding as Anti-Lag 2, to reflect the several under-the-hood changes made by AMD. AMD… Go To Full Article

Antec Partners with Ayaneo to Announce the Core HS Handheld PC

@ 2024/05/24 read/post comments(0)
Antec, a frontrunner in technological advancement, is thrilled to announce the debut of the Antec Core HS, marking a significant leap forward in handheld computing. This cutting-edge gaming PC sets a new standard with its groundbreaking features and unparalleled performance.… Go To Full Article

Brits want to pack in gaming addiction

@ 2024/05/24 read/post comments(0)
With its well-documented health risks, smoking remains a major habit that individuals across the UK appear determined to quit. Quitting smoking is a habit that Liverpool, Coventry, and Bradford want to quit the most. Go To Full Article

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