BIOSTAR RACING Z690GTA LGA1700 Motherboard Review

Motherboards/Intel LGA1700 by stefan @ 2022-01-24 read/post comments(0)

The Racing Z690GTA mainstream motherboard for Intel’s Alder Lake generation does feature a catchy color scheme and is very well equipped in terms of interfaces. The BIOS is easy to configure/understand and has support for high-speed RAM as well (32GB kits should work fine till 4200MHz at least, while with 16GB you might get lucky and run at 4600MHz as well). The top VRM heatsink is complimented with two small fans in order to keep temps in check which can get loud at times, but their fan curve can be customized as well via UEFI or the Windows application. read more

be quiet! Pure Loop 240mm AIO Review

Cooling/Water Cooling by stefan @ 2022-01-17 read/post comments(0)

Pure Loop 240mm is built from high-quality materials, is easy to install thanks to the provided instructions and provides an innovative pump design for eliminating noise and vibrations inside the case. While this version of the Pure Loop is indicated as recommended for i3/i5 processors from Intel, it could handle the power-hungry i7-12700K CPU as well, by keeping the temperatures under TjMAX, while the noise levels remained at low levels due to the use of two Pure Wings 2 120mm fans. read more

Silicon Power Armor A66 5TB Portable HDD Review

Storage/HDD by stefan @ 2022-01-09 read/post comments(0)

The Armor A66 5TB portable drive is not only rugged enough to withstand rough environments but can also offer quite a bit of performance thanks to the included WD Blue 2.5’’. The drive comes with 128MB of cache and 5 platters of 1TB each, increasing the drive chassis height to 15mm. The Armor A55 does also come with IPX4 water resistance and to help with this feature, the USB port does come with a rubber cover as well. read more

Silicon Power QS28 20000mAh Power Bank Review

Others/Miscelleneous by stefan @ 2022-01-02 read/post comments(0)

The QS28 20000mAh power bank from Silicon Power is quite helpful when going in longer trips in order to handle multiple charges for your smartphone, quite a bit of recording hours with the action camera and you can also top up multiple devices at the same time (maximum of three). In our tests, the charging indicator has dropped to just about 73% when charging our trusty Galaxy S21 from zero to full, while keeping the smartphone on so lots of power left! read more

SteelSeries Aerox 3 2022 Edition Wired Gaming Mouse Review

Others/Mice & Keyboards by stefan @ 2021-12-27 read/post comments(0)

At just 59g, the Aerox 3 2022 edition feels great in hand and if the paracord cabling is placed correctly you won’t feel any difference as when using a wireless variant. It packs a mainstream TrueMove Core sensor with a maximum CPI of 8500 and should be enough for most usage environments. Durability is right at home thanks to the advertised AquaBarrier protection of the PCB, while the incorporated IP54 Golden Micro switches are very durable and feature a pleasant click response.   read more

Shuttle XPC slim Barebone DL20N6 Review

Others/All-in-one PC by stefan @ 2021-12-20 read/post comments(0)

The DL20N series from Shuttle is an impressive jump in performance versus the older DL10J, while the choice to have installed a Pentium N6005 4-core SKU while retaining the 10W TDP is great! The whole system is passively cooled, so it is virtually noiseless if we do install only SSDs as storage devices. We have found that using the chassis horizontally is not stellar for the nearby M.2 SSD, because it tends to share a bit of heat from the Intel SoC heatsink, but in vertical position the issue is fully solved so purchasing the vertical stand is a must in our book! read more
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Renault Nissan Mitsubishi Alliance confirms plans to build 35 new EVs by 2030

@ 2022/01/27 read/post comments(0)
The Renault Nissan Mitsubishi Alliance has announced plans to spend $25.8 billion (€23 billion) with the aim of having 35 EVs by 2030. As part of that, the group will develop five new platforms shared across brands with 80 percent… Go To Full Article

Microsoft says that there is plenty of growth in its cloud

@ 2022/01/27 read/post comments(0)
Record profits Software King of the World Microsoft reassured investors that its cloud business was growing after it reported less-than-stellar growth in its cloud business. Vole shares rebounded after Microsoft forecast cloud growth in… Go To Full Article

Samsung aiming for dominance with 5G

@ 2022/01/27 read/post comments(0)
Memory chips rebounded Samsung aims to win a bigger share of the smartphone market this year with more 5G-capable models and pointed to a price rebound for its flagship memory chips as early as the first half. Go To Full Article

Microsoft thinks that PCs are back

@ 2022/01/27 read/post comments(0)
Will come back and stay for good this time Software King of the World, Microsoft thinks that the growth in PC sales is durable, despite belief that post-pandemic it will continue to slide into oblivion. Go To Full Article

2022 is the year of Android on the Window’s desktop

@ 2022/01/27 read/post comments(0)
Windows 11 will get Android Apps next month Microsoft is planning to launch a public preview of its Android apps for Windows 11 next month. The move will come alongside some taskbar improvements and… Go To Full Article

AI works out a way to create more AI

@ 2022/01/27 read/post comments(0)
What could go possibly wrong? Ontario’s University of Guelph boffins, who have clearly never read a sci-fi book in their lives, have emerged from their smoke-filled labs claiming to have come close to building an AI which… Go To Full Article

Best Korea downed by DDoS attack

@ 2022/01/27 read/post comments(0)
Better not to have wasted money on nukes The Glorious Democratic People’s Republic of Korea was disconnected from the Internet in a vile move from decadent Imperialist forces to prevent its children obtaining the online education they… Go To Full Article

Apple releases new “improvements” to OS

@ 2022/01/27 read/post comments(0)
Apple released several new operating system updates to the public: iOS 15.3, iPadOS 15.3, macOS Monterey 12.2, watchOS 8.4, tvOS 15.3, and HomePod Software 15.3 but while we know that they are bug fixes and security updates, Jobs’ Mob is… Go To Full Article

Apple will reportedly allow iPhones to accept contactless payments

@ 2022/01/27 read/post comments(0)
Small businesses might soon be able to accept payments using their iPhones without the need for extra hardware. According to Bloomberg, Apple could start rolling out the feature through a software update in the next few months, perhaps with the… Go To Full Article

Aufero Laser 2 made for beginners

@ 2022/01/27 read/post comments(0)
We are in an era of Personalization. Customized Gifts, daily necessities, small DIY projects, and even clothing accessories are in high demand for Personalization. The above mentioned is one of the reasons why laser engraving machines have become increasingly popular… Go To Full Article

Anti-work subreddit temporarily goes private after awkward Fox News interview

@ 2022/01/27 read/post comments(0)
The r/antiwork subreddit forum has temporarily gone private following a rough interview between Fox News personality Jesse Watters and one of the subreddit's moderators, Mashable reported. Other mods said they're dealing with "cleanup from ongoing brigading," or attacks by other… Go To Full Article

TikTok will add PSAs to Holocaust-related content

@ 2022/01/27 read/post comments(0)
TikTok is adding PSAs and informational resources about the Holocaust in an effort to combat antisemitism in its app. With the changes, TikTok will link to when users search for Holocaust-related content. Holocaust-related hashtags will also link to the… Go To Full Article

Amazon workers in Staten Island reach union vote threshold

@ 2022/01/27 read/post comments(0)
Workers at JFK8, an Amazon Fulfillment Center in Staten Island, New York, have reportedly collected enough signatures to proceed with a union election vote. A National Labor Relations Board spokesperson, speaking to Reuters, confirmed that the workers had "reached a… Go To Full Article

Intel Reports Q4 2021 and FY 2021 Earnings: Ending 2021 On A High Note

@ 2022/01/27 read/post comments(0)
Kicking off yet another earnings season, we once again start with Intel. The reigning 800lb gorilla of the chipmaking world is reporting its Q4 2021 and full-year financial results, closing the book on an eventful 2021 for the company. The… Go To Full Article

One of Amazon's seller programs has been found to be unlawful

@ 2022/01/27 read/post comments(0)
Following an investigation into its Sold By Amazon program, Amazon has agreed to pay the office of Washington State’s attorney general office $2.25 million and provide annual updates on its compliance with antitrust laws. Available between 2018 and June 2020,… Go To Full Article

Disney+ will expand to 42 countries this summer

@ 2022/01/27 read/post comments(0)
Disney+ will come to more parts of the world this summer. On Wednesday, Disney announced the streaming service will expand to 42 additional countries and 11 new territories in the second half of the year. The full list is below,… Go To Full Article

YouTube bans Fox News host Dan Bongino for evading suspension

@ 2022/01/27 read/post comments(0)
Fox News host Dan Bongino is no longer welcome on YouTube. The company confirmed to The Hillthat Bongino is now permanently banned from its video platform, after he attempted to evade a prior suspension related to COVID-19 misinformation. The conservative… Go To Full Article says it uses more powerful facial recognition than previously claimed

@ 2022/01/27 read/post comments(0)
The CEO of, a service used by dozens of states to verify unemployment benefits claimants as well as several federal agencies, has walked back previous claims that the company does not use a more powerful method of facial recognition. Go To Full Article

Discord is recovering from a brief but widespread outage

@ 2022/01/27 read/post comments(0)
A recent and "widespread" API outage had left Discord unusable for some people for part of the day. After reports of the problem started to surface online, Discord began investigating at approximately 2:49PM ET. Minutes later, it said it had… Go To Full Article

Reddit tests NFT user profile pictures, just like Twitter

@ 2022/01/27 read/post comments(0)
If you loved/hated Twitter's new NFT user profile pictures, get ready to feel excited/ambivalent about Reddit's offering. TechCrunch reports that Reddit is now testing an NFT profile picture implementation, though it's unclear how it'll actually look to end users. Twitter's… Go To Full Article

Apple rolls out iOS 15.3 and macOS 12.2 to fix a major Safari exploit

@ 2022/01/27 read/post comments(0)
It's a big day for security updates in Apple-land. The company has rolled out software fixes for just about all of its platforms, including iOS 15.3 and macOS 12.2, 9to5Mac reports. Notably, they fix the Safari vulnerability that could potentially… Go To Full Article

Boom will build a supersonic jet factory in North Carolina

@ 2022/01/27 read/post comments(0)
Transporation startup Boom is one step closer to bringing back supersonic passenger flight. On Wednesday, the company announced plans to build a manufacturing facility at Piedmont Triad International Airport in North Carolina. Once complete, "The Overture Superfactory" will employ approximately… Go To Full Article

White House tells agencies to adopt the 'Zero Trust' security model

@ 2022/01/27 read/post comments(0)
The White House wants the government to adopt a security model called Zero Trust within the next two years. The Office of Management and Budget (OMB) released a finalized federal strategy that lays out the initial details of the shift. Go To Full Article

Valve's Steam Deck will go on sale February 25th

@ 2022/01/27 read/post comments(0)
Following a two-month delay, Valve's Steam Deck will launch on February 25th. In a blog post the company published on Wednesday, Valve said it would open orders to the first batch of reservation holders that day. Those customers will have… Go To Full Article

Crytek confirms a new Crysis game is in development

@ 2022/01/27 read/post comments(0)
It’s been almost 15 years since the original Crysis brought even the most powerful PCs to their knees, and close to a decade since the last brand new installment in the franchise. And while there’s no planned release date just… Go To Full Article

An 'Unpacking' clone topped the App Store charts before it was pulled

@ 2022/01/27 read/post comments(0)
Unpacking is a lovely, relaxing puzzle game made by a small team. It's beautifully designed and manages to tell a compelling story with very little text. Unfortunately, its core mechanic — unpacking boxes and placing items in a new home… Go To Full Article

Apple marks Black History Month with a 'Black Unity' Watch strap

@ 2022/01/27 read/post comments(0)
Apple is honoring Black History Month once again, and that includes a special treat for Watch owners. The company has released a special edition $99 Black Unity Braided Solo Loop that weaves the Pan-African flag's colors into the stretchable black… Go To Full Article

Huawei is releasing the P50 Pro and Pocket outside China, but not in the US

@ 2022/01/27 read/post comments(0)
Huawei is set to start selling the P50 Pro and foldable P50 Pocket smartphones it announced last year outside of China. The flagship Pro device costs €1,199 and the P50 Pocket starts at €1,299. Those convert to around $1,353 and… Go To Full Article

EVGA RTX 3050 XC Black @ LanOC Reviews

@ 2022/01/27 read/post comments(0)
DESCRIPTION: At CES this year both AMD and Nvidia announced new GPUs that would be coming soon. Both were focused on a little lower on their product stack which makes sense because that is the biggest market share. Steam hardware… Go To Full Article

ASUS GeForce RTX 3050 STRIX OC @ TechPowerUp

@ 2022/01/27 read/post comments(0)
ASUS GeForce RTX 3050 STRIX OC is the flagship RTX 3050 from ASUS. Its large triple-slot, triple-fan cooler ensures amazing temperatures and whisper-quiet noise levels. What makes the card stand out is the biggest factory overclock and highest power limit… Go To Full Article

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