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High Visible angle and great image MVA panel – BENQ FP241WZ experience! High Visible angle and great image MVA panel – BENQ FP241WZ experience!
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High Visible angle and great image MVA panel – BENQ FP241WZ experience!
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Default High Visible angle and great image MVA panel – BENQ FP241WZ experience!

Because I want to upgrade my SHARP 19inch LCD that I’ve used more then 3 years in 2007.
So I spend much time to study all the panels, colors and image quality on exist LCD products.
Then I have 2 products open box experience sharing in these 2 months.
“Leap over 92% color range and refined design – The DELL 2707WFP experience.

“Cheap shell and strange noise 25.5” monitor: The disappointment IPS-ACER AL2623W purchased experience.”
Of course I also tested on DELL 2407WFP, but I sold it out to fast to have a review report.
I’ve tried S-PVA and H-IPS panel LCD recently, of course, the original circuit and ID design will also infect image and LCD quality.

I think I might stop the LCD test after the ACER AL2623W review, because I can’t sell it out after bad experience shared on forums.
It’s luck that my friend want to purchase a 24 inch LCD, he did consider 3 better recommended LCD monitor as below (The price in Taiwan)
DELL 2407WFP-HC(Group purchase about USD700)
BENQ FP241WZ(About USD780 )
LG L245WP(About USD770)

The DELL 2407WFP-HC use S-PVA panel, belong the lower cost, longer warranty, and more popular model.
LG/BENQ 24inch both use AUO-MVA panel, according to Japan’s professional test result, it’s more comfortable for eyes with long time use.
After consider, we purchase BENQ 241WZ, maybe the price is higher, but use MVA panel and independent HDMI connector, That’s worth to try it.)
(Because I have some 2407WFP used experience, so I will have some personal opinion with it later.)
BENQ box, as their other LCD but bigger size.

The accessories.
Cables – Power cable, DVI/D-SUB cable.
But no HDMI cable.
Easy install menu and disk.
Three year guarantee with retail shop stamp.

Support stand,
Although it’s plastic case, but well treated with good color and quality.
More metal material inside, very strong, feel better then DELL 2407.

There were 2 height adjust level.
Also higher then 2407.

Stand back side.

Stand bottom.

I think if the frame use black will be better for whole set color style.

BENQ OSD button, mostly at right side.

BENQ logo mark.

1 USB on top.

2 USB at down left side.

LCD back side overview.

Top side head spread holes.
The case have with special extend design and miss match with internal holes.
Can take care both heat radiation and prevent too much dust indise.

Heat spread design at both side.

Bottom connectors
Power / DVI-D / HDMI / D-Sub / Component /Composite / S-Video/ USB

Color correction status (The real status is turn off all the lights to prevent Spyder2 color affect.)

MVA panel presents outstanding color after use Spyder2 correction.
The original setup still looks blue after basic OSD adjust.
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Rotate 90 degree.

My personal ACER AL2623W can compare with BENQ FP241WZ.
Back side.

BENQ FP241WZ have treated plastic shell for better looks.

ACER AL2623W, original plastic color looks without design.

Because I only have Spyder2express, it did not support multi monitor.
So the below compare was dual compare after individual color adjusted.
BENQ FP241WZ: sRGB mode/bright 0/contrast 10/RGB: Default. (30% differences with Spyder2 correction)
ACER2623W: Normal mode/bright 0/contrast 50/RGB: 75%.
(10% differences with Spyder2 correction)
If there is no color collection, the AL2623W did have better color present in fact.
BENQ FP241WZ looks a little blue, and ACER2623W is yellow tone.
Compare with DELL2407WFP, BENQ241WZ is easy to see the black cloth in back of the lying lady, maybe that’s the advantage of AU-MVA panel?

My “big white bear” dog: Show Ball.
This photo looks yellow; there were some yellow light when I took photos.
But the photo in ACER2623W IPS became too yellow, the dog become big yellow bear.

We can see the FP241WZ is much blue tone and little exposure too much,
the color is more correct in fact, the AL2623W is too yellow.

Let’s take a look on the web page, that should be gray close to black, the black present looks good.

The difference when watching video.

The Taiwan knight idol should be white style.

The fire red ATI HD2900XT

OSD menu.
There are many adjust options, also with many color mode.

The comparison is not the 100% to reflect the real situation with photos,
But I’d already adjust the white balance to make the photos closer to the reality.
The blue(cold) tone or yellow(warm) tone color are mostly decide by the panel characteristic.
Adjusted the RGB can fix some color present issues.
But I can only use BENQ FP241WZ for 1 day, so that’s not its full color
present capability in a short time.
After the Japan panel “Hitachi IPS/Fujitsu MVA “ panel technology pass to LPL and AUO,
the MVA panel did satisfied me with good color present, better visible angle and gray level.
1.Use MVA panel, visible angle is better then PVA, color present is also better.
2.Good stand design and quality, turn angle and movement range is great.
3.Rich OSD functions, single button to switch the input channel and PnP function,
can see the RGB already adjusted when default setting.
4.MVA panel advantage, black is really black when demo black or turn off signal.
5.Independent HDMI port and multimedia input connectors design.
1.BENQ 24inch got higher price, DELL2407WFP is cheaper and longer warranty time.
2.OSD response time a little bit longer.
3.If the silver frame design can make it become black, that’s better with whole unified design.
DELL 2407WFP-HC and BENQ FP241WZ got their own advantage.
DELL 2407WFP also OEM by BENQ, they have some similar design and outlooks.
BENQ is stronger, and DELL looks fashion,
If consider the cost and warranty, DELL is the one to pick.
If only think about the whole LCD present quality,
I will select BENQ FP241WZ with higher recommend.
If you like MVA panel or need a stand along HDMI port and accept the cost gape,
BENQ FP241WZ is an excellent selection without doubt.
The coming review products….Wish I have time to test all of them.
This package is totally different as their 965 series,
use reflect light style package design to enhance the quality level.

The accessories and menu are same dark style.

Motherboard itself.

Or take a look on this,MSI P35 Diamond

with SoundBlaster X-FI Xtreme Audio PCI-E
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very nice comparison! side by side shots photo are worth 1000 words!
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Like walking into a TV shop ..... the best color one always has the highest price. Until you find out the salesman screws around with the knobs to sell the one he has the highest commission rate.

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I thought that MVA and PVA panels are pretty much the same?

Anyway, great pictures again. Too bad the cheapness of the plastic shows so good on them =O. *waits for 2407 in 2707 dress*
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