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Best budget 24"  LCD Best budget 24" LCD
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Best budget 24" LCD
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Old 30th January 2009, 15:03   #1
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Default Best budget 24" LCD

I need help considering a budget 24" LCD. Someone told me the panels are better on the 24" models, compared to the 22" models.

I still have an old faithful Samsung 930b 19"

But I thought widescreen would be better because I play movies.

At Newegg here in the states, the Asus VH242H 23" is just $229!

And then there's thew Asus VK246H 24"

All the 23" and 24" models claim to be 1920 x 1080, and I always think I'd rather have the monitor without the camera and speakers (VH242H) for $229 as oppsed to $289, BUT almost every User review is 100% positive on the model for $289. I wonder if they have the same panel, but chare more for the camera and speakers.

I'd rather have the manufacturer put the money into the panel. Are these TN or VA panels? Is the VA better and what is the difference between 22" and the jump to 24" where the manufacturing of the panels is supposed to be better on the larger ones?

Thank you in advance..
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I can recommend: using several since August last year, has good color depth and black levels, matches quality of more expensive 20" Dell I bought earlier which had very high marks.

the reason for choosing 24" over 22" in my humble opinion is the resolution.

At 20" and 22" you're at 1600x1200 / 1680x1080
so going from 19" to 22" will make a difference, but as you can see, the extra 2" on the 22" make the dots larger, don't add more screen estate. At 24" you get up to 1920x1200 which is noticeable more; I can assure you.

first stop for choosing your monitor is right here at Madshrimps:
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16:9 monitors are the new plague after TN panels, the issue is that for working with a LCD the height is crucial. They are cut in height compared to the 16:10 models and the screensize is also misleading, because you get less viewable area at the same screensize.

I think we need to update the article for 16:9 LCDs.

All the cheap 24" models are TNs now, so technically they are the same as 22" models. Considering this is the single most important component of the entire PC when it comes to user expierence and the one that has the longest lifetime, I strongly recommend not to skimp on the monitor.

the best 24" displays that are available in the US are these, the absolute cost might seem high compared to the TN models but the value is right (at least for the HP):
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Default ViewSonic!

What viewsonic screens lack in aestetics and fancy features they always make up by using high quality panels and low prices!

the x-series has great response times, contrast and resolution imo
2ms + 1920x1080 for 279$

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That still is a TN panel, in what way is that supposed to be a high quality panel compared to others?

You got any reviews to prove that it really is better than other displays?
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These 24" or 23.6" are 1920 x 1080 and I believe the height is the same as my 19" Samsung 930b it's just the length.
Y'all are right bout the size, people think if they have a 19" going to 19" widescreen would give them more real-estate, it shrinks height. In fact even at 22" inch its similar.

But has anyone heard about the panel type? Supposedly VA panels were only made from 24" and htis specific panel "type" is superior to TN? Can anyone clarify this?

By the way thank you

EDIT: thanks jmke I knew you wrote that article I should have gone there first. Great explanation of the panel technologies answered my questions precisely.

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HP does have a 22" VA that has recieved very good reviews, but 22" is a bit small for todays standards. If any work is done on the PC, the productivity increase from the screen size pays off the price quickly.

VA panels are better, especially the viewing angles will matter a lot when you go for 24" (the bigger the display, the harder it is to have a consistent image).
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Originally Posted by Rutar View Post
That still is a TN panel, in what way is that supposed to be a high quality panel compared to others?

You got any reviews to prove that it really is better than other displays?
well not THIS particular display model, but giving the company's reputation

There are tonnes of good reviews, but equally as many bad reviews.
Hardware reviews, especially when testing things that cannot be measured with 100% objectivity such as how well a monitor plays movies, how well a sound card plays music, or the aesthetics of a particular case ( i do admit color reproduction in monitors can be measured precisely and is very important ) are subject greatly to personal bias. Because of this i offered my own opinion, subject to my own biases ( i use my computer to watch movies, write papers, and play games, consequently color reproduction and viewing angle fall lower on my list than price, resolution, and response time. Therein lies my affection for cheap TN panels : ) ).

I have owned several LCD monitors, but the price has always been the most important thing to me. Viewsonic repeatedly releases excellent monitors at good prices.
I am NOT saying that these are the best monitors out there and i'm certain that VA panels beat the pants of TN panels in several regions. However, he was asking for a budget monitor and for the price - they look and perform great.

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There is no manufacturer who puts out consistently good products for LCDs, which is why reviews of the exact model are important. There are stinkers from every brand that have to be avoided, for example Dell used to be the brand to buy 24" monitors from and now you can't because they got the worst input lag.

Viewsonic has not been very successfull lately in producing an exceptional product beating the competition.

Dell just got a monitor with a new LG IPS Panel that is as cheap as a TN:
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I really am biased when it comes to monitors though. I blame my counter strike CAL-M background, where i felt like i had to be on a CRT or an LCD with very fast response times (i still prefer CRT.. which is why i haven't gotten rid of my 70lb Dell P1230 ).

Additionally I never felt the need to have a monitor over 22 inches as I have always had other monitors laying around. Consequently, whenever my desktop was feeling cramped, I just hooked up another one.

Seeing as VA monitors are a better choice (money permitting) for most applications I guess my affection for TN panels comes from a fairly limited viewpoint

I always did my graphics work on a CRT : )
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