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calimero 22nd June 2004 17:17

what is holding me back
P IV 2.4c @3Ghz (Sl6WF Malay)
Corsair pc 3700 @ 250
Fsb 250 (1:1)
Hercules 9800 np @ 420/375
Maxtor sata 120 GB
Asus p4c 800 e deluxe (last bios update)
chieftec 360 watt

I can 't overclock further, when I set fsb at 265 I receive errors with prime95 (rounding was expected less than 0.5 or something)
When I set my FSB to 270 the message ' irql not less or equal' appear and a memory dump starts.
I've tried 3:2 and 5:4 but no succes.
My temps stay under 45C (asus probe).

Can it be my powersupply? I have 5 casefans ( vantec tornado is for sale), 3 ccfls also.



The Senile Doctor 22nd June 2004 17:24

probably not, my guess is your cpu won't go any further.

ram = ok as you have divided it (3:2, 5:4)

wutske 22nd June 2004 17:40

the best thin to find out whether your PSU is holding u back, is checking the voltages. Maybe upping the VCore will help (but not too high, P4's don't like that).

The Senile Doctor 22nd June 2004 17:44

upping the vcore could put more strain on your psu, that's no way of checking the psu...

wutske 22nd June 2004 17:47

The VCore upping is to OC a bit further ;) .

calimero 22nd June 2004 17:57

Voltages are stable while stressing (prime 95).
I pushed vcore to 1.6V, i think it s high enough with stock cooling:).
I will test it again how far I can get my cpu, i thought the 2.4c was able to oc further :(

The Senile Doctor 22nd June 2004 18:02

sometimes yes, maybe it'll be stable at 1.6 volts and 265 fsb, however I doubt your ram can take that 1:1

jmke 22nd June 2004 18:04

my P4 2.4C is stable at 3200mhz, anything higher requires a lot of extra vcore :/

calimero 22nd June 2004 18:14

Jmke how much voltage is given to your cpu?
At what FSB, ram frequency?

jmke 22nd June 2004 18:25

you know the FSB :)
ram frequency doesn't matter either

voltage: 1.65v @ 3.2
for higher I need 1.7+

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