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jmke 13th February 2003 15:54

5 WD,Maxtor,Seagate Drives Tested

Is the Western Digital Caviar 800JB the fatest harddisk on earth? Can't you really hear the Maxtor Diamondmax Plus9 spin? What about the Seagate Barracuda IV, has it become antique? Read all about it in this 5 harddisk roundup, also featuring the Maxtor Diamondmax and the Western Digital 800BB.

ModdiN MansoN 13th February 2003 16:15

nice review :super:

Belgatom 13th February 2003 19:21

nice Review, loadsa numbers to crunch. But the thing I really want to know is, which one is the most reliable ?

jmke 13th February 2003 19:40

that's pretty hard to test Belgatom, the shops cant miss the HD drives for more then 2 weeks.

on such short period the durability is hard to test.
But! google + tech forums can answer you this question :)

thanks for your :super: comment, BiCker is silently very happy also ;)

jakkerd 13th February 2003 20:09

rules :D

i bought myself a cuda IV,
and man!
i wasn't prepared for so much silence :)

i almost miss the sound of a hard drive ;)

Gamer 14th February 2003 20:10

nice one Bicker, you tha man.

jmke 11th March 2003 19:12

have 2 DiamondMax 9 Plus 2mb cache drives now here
2x120gb hooked up to a HighPoint PCI ATA100 controller

takes 24seconds to copy 793Mb between them
pretty slick in my humble opinion

Bosw8er 12th March 2003 09:14

I changed the maxtor raid0 setup with 2 seagateV 80GB non raid.
HD's are almost inaudible and more then fast enough.
Took 4 to 5 hours to format and partition the 160GB though.

jmke 12th March 2003 09:25

lol :)
only 30-40min here for 120gb =)

Bosw8er 12th March 2003 09:55


Originally posted by jmke
lol :)
only 30-40min here for 120gb =)

80GB NTFS partitioning with w2k = about 20 min
160 GB resizing + 6 partitions creation & formatting (NTFS and FAT32 (for software and drivers)) = 4 to 5 hours

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