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AMD - Total War: Shogun 2 Contest AMD - Total War: Shogun 2 Contest
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AMD - Total War: Shogun 2 Contest
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Old 24th July 2011, 20:18   #11
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wow what i just remembered it was so epic!,
it was in Heroes Of Newerth i joined a match 5vs5.. we were okey until one one of my teammates were getting killed and 3 of them disconnected, after that i with my friend stayed in the server it was 2vs5 we were sure we are gonna loose that but we said "we will fight until the end" cos 3 of the other guys left we had a lot of money i had the player Pebbles[my fav hero] , i got the best items this hero it could had with the money i had he had so many health the enemies could not kill me i had so much fun too my friend did the same with his character and we starting owning the enemies until we got in their base and won
it was epic battle
Old 29th July 2011, 11:35   #12
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Oh, here's mine. It's actually in Company Of Heroes where me and a friend play against 4 expert AI.

Any seasoned COH players will tell you expert AI in COH is a real b***h.

Anyway my pal and I were having our really hard time surviving Montargnis Region. We couldn't advance as well. Our units keep getting slaughtered by the 4 AI players.

Now, in Montargnis, it is just one huge industrial park with little choke points.

We keep losing the control points till we were just pretty much pushed back to just above our bases. My pal was playing airborne and he had only an airborne squad and an AT gun. I was playing armour and thankfully I managed to squeeze a Pershing and Sherman tank out.

Despite that we thought we were going to lose because we had no control points left. We only had 2 tanks, 4 engi, 1 airborne squad, 1 AT gun between us against hordes of Germans. We thought we were going to lose.

So we decided that GOOD teamwork and coordination can win the day and we decided to punch straight through the left of the map so we won't get flanked on both sides. My 4 engi will keep my tanks healthy and the airborne squad will deal with the infantry. We did pretty good through constant communication until my pal's airborne squad and AT gun got wiped out. HE HAD NO UNITS LEFT!!!! What was worse was HIS base was getting pounded. I had little choice but to divert my limited forces to his base to save it. Amazingly, I managed to save enough of his bases from the Germans for him to actually churn out some more units. Yeah, I saved my pal's base from destruction with just 2 tanks and 4 engi against 4 expert AIs tons of German units!!!!!! Patton should give me a medal for it. *PHEW*

But his resource was limited so he only managed to produce 2 rifle squads. With that we decided to try again. This time, we punched through the right and managed to capture more control points and after 2 more hours of battling the Germans, we won.
Old 29th July 2011, 20:58   #13
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Default Starcraft I

I don't play war games a lot but I used to play starcraft 1 with my friend.
He was really good and he tried to teach me how to play. We played both as protoss and faced 6 zerg hard bots together. I just spammed units (probably zealots) and my friend just held off the bots on his own. By the time I maxed out units, he had already taken out 5 bots already. I just sent all my guys at the last bot with my friend and we won.
Old 30th July 2011, 12:44   #14
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My heroic virtual war story, was last year when i was home with a broken ankle.

Me and my friend were playing Halo Custom Edition with the whole clan, we were holding a clan war 8vs8.

This game was really hard and funny at the same time. Me and my friend were in the blue team leading with 50 points against 40 points of the other team. So we decided to use a cover attack and then kill the other players. At least my team failed at the cover attack due the invisible enemy player. So when the other team killed all my teammates i was all alone on the sniper hill :S.

I was mad due the failure so i started to do what nearly is impossible to do. I just jumped off the cliff and ran to the enemy base meanwhile running i killed 3 enemies with my sniper and then i only had my pistol left for the other 3 enemies, lucky me that i am like god in aiming so i killed the other 3 enemies.

This was my most heroic war story since i was all alone since my teammates died so last man stand is what you could describe it .
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the winners will be picked at random and be send an email today!
Thank you all for participating and until next time
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