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jmke 20th March 2003 13:37

[M] Gamereviews
Madshrimps might consider bringing gamereviews to the mainpage if this seems popular :)

for now we have our very own Blowefish & Da'Hitch providing you with a look at the more popular games in this forum :super:

B|oweFish 20th March 2003 16:02


thnx! :D

jmke 20th March 2003 16:13

you have mod rights here :)

B|oweFish 20th March 2003 16:16

whiiii :p

More reviews comming up!

Ps : Do you know nything about the sponsors.. do they want to borrow me some games? if not.. np, I'll just ask around for new games at my friends..

jmke 20th March 2003 16:20

mail me about this please :)

Da`Hitch 24th March 2003 09:00

JMke, are you by any chance in need af additional Game reviewers? ;-)
Just in case, know that I'm here for ya :hello:

jmke 24th March 2003 09:53

PM /me :)

Tak-Hunter 29th March 2005 07:09

If I make a game review can I send it to you ?


jmke 29th March 2005 10:28

they Tak-Hunter, sure! we are open for reader submissions, would much appreciate it.

What game would you be interested in reviewing?

goingpostale1 30th October 2006 19:28

Someone review Neverwinter Nights 2 :D, looks like ownage to me.

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