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Intel >.<
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Old 15th July 2003, 13:59   #1
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Default Intel >.<

Hello everyone

I am switching from AMD to Intel ...
I am now asking you to help me out (pls. :^x )

I am planning to buy a 3.2C (Cooled by Mach2) and a FX 5900Ultra (Cooled by Vapo XE)

Now my biggest question is, what motherboard?
1. Get myself a P4C800 and Vmod it ?
2. Get myself a Abit IC7G MAX3 as soon as it comes out ?

Now about memory, If I want to at least clock to 4.4 Ghz, I'll need some high end memory
I was thinking of buying myself the Dual Channel Sets from GeIL3500 ... Good idea?

What Voltmods will be needed if I want 4.4+ Ghz? (On the board + Explain why you would take that board)

Now for the 5900Ultra, what brand is known for good overclocking ? And easy to voltmod?

Greets and thanks to those that are answering my questions

I hear to run the Golden Dragon GeIL3500 at 3.1V to get at least 260FSB 1:1, What board can do this, and if you take a board I should voltmod, tell me why also

Whats a safe voltage for a P4 CPU under a prometeia? and safe voltage for GeIL Golden Dragon ram?
Also could I have links to voltmods for a 5900Ultra?
Old 15th July 2003, 15:15   #2
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As for boards, The P4C800-E Deluxe should be your mark.

It's the money no object, all frills and thrills.
ICH5-R, CSA gigabit LAN, Extra SATA raid controller.

The OC part, I don't know about. It's asus, so it won't be bad, but a Vmod might be needed.
So far, this board is the ONLY one I can't say anything bad about.

Did some calculations myself already.
A P4 2.4C, The P4C800-E Deluxe, Zalman CNPS 7000 and 2 stickies of random PC3200 memory.
Came up to 500, I suddenly loved my AMD 1800+ that bit more.
Just need new VGA.

I do want (true) gigabit for my fileserver, but I think a dual AMD setup would be the cheaper way to go. (64bit-PCI)
Old 15th July 2003, 15:40   #3
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CPU: AMD 4 eva

starting to go off the track FreeS ?

So not worth buying a epox or a abit when they come out?
Old 15th July 2003, 15:47   #4
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what about the msi neo2? It had great results on the latest tom's mobo test.
you can find the article here
Old 15th July 2003, 15:53   #5
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the msi neo is only performing good because

1) Tom got payed
2) Dynamic OverClocking is enabled on that board

Old 15th July 2003, 19:06   #6
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yeah, but the asus is way down, even lower then the normal neo2
Old 15th July 2003, 19:19   #7
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asus P4C800 is a good overclocker, look at my article

IC7 or P4C800 if you asked me.
Epox is also good, only the vcore is maxed out at 1.6.
biosupdate is not released yet with higher vcore settings I think.

ps, I even got 3 different memsticks in this mobo, and al works well at 3750 mhz, mem 400 2-2-2-5-4.
XMS 3200 are the same, XMS 3500 are different.
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Old 16th July 2003, 09:30   #8
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Don't get the normal P4C800 (deluxe) Get the P4C800-E Deluxe.
It uses the intel CSA gigabit LAN, and the ICH5-R instead of 3Com PCI gigabit LAN (much slower) and ICH5 (I just don't understand why they wouldn't use something better on the top of the line show)

And with money no object, I would have had a P4C800-E Deluxe fileserver. Money however, IS an object, so I'll stick to AMD.
nVidia will be releasing a SATA-Gigabit chipset in Q3-Q4.
Old 29th July 2003, 23:31   #9
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I concur with the Asus P4C800-E, it's predecessor has taken all the highest OC's. And that's how I would approach it. Look at VRZone,, and Futuremark highest benchmarks, and determine what combination of hardware is found most often in the top ten or top three scoring systems. Although Asus has taken the majority of the high scores, many were VDIMM modded to do so. Yes the NEO is good, but Asus, and the Abit IC7 MAX-3 are far better boards. Epox does a good job with voltages, and you won't have to mod.

Memory; I'd go woth OCZ's 4000, or Corsair 4000, but the best results have been acheived with Twimoss, and A-DATA containing Winbond CH-5 IC's, but remember your not dealing with true 4ns IC's just really great OCing 5ns IC's that need much voltage like 3.12V and higher. That's with the A-DATA, the Corsair while it's high latency, is much more stable, and won't require the VDIMM and either will the OCZ I have both the Gold 3700, and Corsair 3500, 4000 in 256MB modules, and 512MB modules. Whatever you do get 4x256MB over 2x512MB everytime, and don't just buy 512MB of memory, that's simpy the overclocking trick. No system should have less then 1GB of memory today, WindowsXP alone uses 256MB and with Hyperthreading that is a full 256MB.

Videcard; to be honest I wouldn't go with nVidia, because the ATI 9800 Pro 256MB board's are clocked slightly higher then their 128MB counterparts, and have overtaken the the FX 5900 Ultra's almost across the board.

Mach-II is your best choice, but one thing I'd do If I were you is ensure I get a PCPower&Cooling PSU. It will be essential for running the Prometia, and the overclocking you'll be doing. I like to stay away from Voltmod's as I feel it's another form of overclocking all together, and if your going to go custom, then you ought to find a Phase-change system to cool the NB & CPU, while using an H20 system for the videocard and South Bridge simultaneosly, otherwise remain PURE, and let the hardware do it's thing legally.
Old 31st July 2003, 21:29   #10
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ya after a nice expensive rig by the sounds of it bleam how about this one....................... seriously just going out and buying top hardware doesent guarantee top clocks theres a lot of skill involved getting super clocks as well as time and patience.... and im sure you will soon tire of spending mega bucks if ya chip dont get to 4gig+ or ya ram dont do XXXfsb however good luck i hope all goes well whatever you decide to purchase
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