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8RDA+ NB and SB cooling 8RDA+ NB and SB cooling
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8RDA+ NB and SB cooling
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Old 20th May 2003, 18:11   #1
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Default 8RDA+ NB and SB cooling

Owkey I'm getting tired of the Epox stock cooling on the northbridge of my 8rda+. Does anyone know a nice heatsink-fan combo to replace the thing on my chipset?
For my southbridge, currently without cooling, I was planning to re-use my old NB cooler: will it be satisfying or should I consider a Zalman passive chipset heatsink?
Thx in advance for the suggestions.
Old 20th May 2003, 18:18   #2
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You can use your southbridge heatsink on your northbridge, but you'll have to bend the fins a little to make it fit.

A zalman passive chipset cooler is a good option for the northbridge, but i'd recommend putting a fan nearby if you plan on running +200fsb 24/7.
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Old 20th May 2003, 18:40   #3
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I put a Titan TTC-CUV2AB cooler on the Northbridge and that fits perfectly without any noticable noise.
Southbridge is cooled by the old northbridge cooler. Works perfect.

Old 20th May 2003, 18:53   #4
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Well, currently my FSB is set to 198 MHz, so maybe passive cooling on the NB without a fan nearby (and at the moment, there isn't one nearby in my case) isn't a very good option.

I think I might look around for that Titan cooler.

Thanks for the advice
Old 20th May 2003, 23:18   #5
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The Titan coolers are good.
I'm using the same one, it's ripped of a hercules radeon 9700 (Pro). The clip is a VERY tight fit, but it sticks on there. It's actually a broken model, but was replaced by hercules without much problems. They let me keep the old one, so I glued the fan back on (guess what broke) and 7V it.

If you hack up a zalman CNPS7000 for cooling, it provides more then enough airflow for a good passive NB HS.
A ZalMan CNPS 6500Cu will probably do too.
Old 21st May 2003, 13:19   #6
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Hmm, I'm afraid there is'nt enough room around the chipset (power connector, capacitators) to put a large zalman there. My case is already crowded enough, and at the moment, I don't really have the funds to buy another upper-class heatsink
Old 21st May 2003, 15:01   #7
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erm, I meant the zalman on the CPU.

Because of their big 92MM fans, they cool anything in the area.
Old 21st May 2003, 22:56   #8
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Whoops, made a little mistake here
Well, nevertheless, I don't think a zalman is such a good option since my cpu is already overclocked (and I intend to push it a little higher), so I'm gonna let my alpha + papst do it's work there.
Anywayz, thanks for the tip.
Old 22nd May 2003, 09:56   #9
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XP1800+ @ 2600+

the zalman does nicely.
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