How-To Wire a LCD Character Screen

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Here is an indepth guide to wiring your own character LCD. This guide is meant for LCDs with HD44780 controller or compatible. There are lots of pics, and the steps are very detailed. Go To Full Article

Albatron GeForce 8600GT-256 PCI Express Videocard

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In the 3D tests we see that the Albatron 8600GT-256 performs rather well for its GPU class, and that for the most part it can play modern games at 1024x768 without difficulty. Turning up the resolution or completely maxing out… Go To Full Article

Interview with Sir Eric Demers on AMD R600

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Part of the myriad things we do here at Beyond3D when covering a graphics architecture is go as deep as we can with the personnel at the IHV that actually architected, concocted, designed, built and shipped the thing. That might… Go To Full Article


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The fastest currently sold DVD-RW recorder from HP with 20X burning speed for DVD-/+R formats and 12X for DVD-RAM. We test it with many different media and with Professional Media tester from DaTARIUS. The test results were… Go To Full Article


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This is the first SATA enabled High Definition 4x Blu-Ray recorder and at the same time HD-DVD reader! This optical storage drive offers the highest flexibility at reading/writing DVD/HD formats with the corresponding price cost. Go To Full Article


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As computers become more and more versatile and advanced, home theater PCs are getting more popular by the day. We have been tracking the evolution of HTPCs ever since desktop cases morphed into their latest manifestation –… Go To Full Article

Asus Arctic Square Heatsink

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The new Asus Arctic Square heatsink Frostytech is testing out for you today consists of an array of nickel plated aluminum fins wrapped around a 92 mm fan that is set within the body of the heatsink. It's a simple… Go To Full Article

Patriot PDC22G9200ELK PC2-9200 2GB DDR2-1150 Memory

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Patriot Memory has made quite a name for itself in the DDR2 market, its memory may not be the fanciest but damn does it go fast. To make things even sweeter, it prices its memory modules very aggressively and the… Go To Full Article

Disk Array Sales Still Humming Along

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Few things in the world exhibit such perfect elasticity of price and demand as the appetite that corporations have had over the past 50 years for disk storage. As disk technology has progressed and the cost of a unit of… Go To Full Article

Enermax Infiniti 720w Power Supply

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The addition of the CoolGuard feature is certainly welcome as the other incarnations of this type of technology have mostly been limited to the PSU alone and only rarely implemented due to licensing issues. In the end, the feeling a… Go To Full Article

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