AMD Quad-Father 4X4 Update - Configurations Come Into Focus

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It's easy to sit back and say "he was a good boy -- he took it on the chin like a man", or so to speak, as the good folks at Intel would like to say about their rivals at…

Gigabyte GV-NX76T256D-RH Silent Geforce 7600GT Videocard

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nVIDIA has increased the value quotient in the GeForce 7600GT and if you're looking for a value/mainstream videocard, it'll probably have 7600GT stamped on its core. Gigabyte's take on the Geforce 7600GT comes in the form of the totally silent…

Intel Core 2 Extreme X6800

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Intel currently has the fastest desktop CPU on the planet called the Intel Core 2 Extreme X6800. This CPU is head, shoulders, knees and toes above the FX-62 from AMD performance wise. From gaming to other computer applications both…

mad-moxx 7900 GTO Burstfire

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In a limited edition is freely available in the trade since short the 7900 GTO. With somewhat less clock at the memory and a clearly lower price than comparable 7900 GTX so still some G71 chips can be brought to…

Spire Rocketeer III 500w PSU

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Spire is perhaps not the most well known company, but they have been making waves in the cooler and PSU market for a few years now and recently they sent me their new Spire Rocketeer III 500w PSU. Read on…

Cooler Master NotePal P1 notebook cooler

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Laptops have been making huge performance jumps since the introduction of the Pentium M, Turion 64, and now the awesome Core 2 Duo processors. These increases in power also bring with it increases in heat on these compact systems. To…

NVIDIA to start making CPUs?

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now we hear that development is underway at Nvidia's just-announced Portland, Oregon, Design Center, where chip folk are beaving away on 45 nanometre designs. The project should bear fruit sometime in 2008, as Nvidia prepares plans to…

Jetart JACSG1 North Bridge Cooler

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Thanks to Jetart, system builders and performance enthusiasts will have a new tool to help maintain a cool running and stable system. If you want to overclock the front side bus on your motherboard to the extreme, then the original…

Crucial DDR2 PC2-5300 10th Anniversary Modules

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Memory manufacturer Crucial is celebrating its 10th anniversary after being founded in 1996 as a direct memory reseller for its parent company, Micron Technology. That same year id Software unleashed the first version of Quake, which began the 3d revolution…

IE7 vulnerability discovered already

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The vulnerability can be exploited to disclose potentially sensitive information the firm says, though it gives it just two out of five on its criticality meter. An exasperated Thomas Kristensen, CTO of Secunnia says, "It is the…

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