Silicon Power 2x16GB DDR4-3200 XPOWER Turbine RGB Memory Kit Review

Memory by stefan @ 2020-02-18 read/post comments(0)

The XPOWER Turbine RGB 32GB kit from Silicon Power does offer wide compatibility for configuration in terms of LED lighting, while the Samsung ICs are carefully selected from the factory, in order to stay stable at the programmed XMP timings. In our case, the kit has performed interestingly well at 3000MHz instead of the rated 3200Mhz, which leaves us suspecting that the pre-programmed timings were more relaxed than the kit was capable of. When testing with the rated CAS timings and leaving the others on Auto, we managed to squeeze more performance out of the kit, but going further was not possible since the system was unable to boot. read more

Razer Nari Ultimate - Overwatch Lúcio Edition Gaming Headset Review

Audio/Others by stefan @ 2020-02-16 read/post comments(0)

After fully charging the headset, we have fired up several games such as Star Wars: The Old Republic, Overwatch, Bioshock 2, Forza Horizon 4 and Bayonetta; even at default settings, the vibration is quite strong and activates on low frequencies in real time. Even when we have had discussions via Skype, depending on the voice frequency we have felt short vibrations but thanks to the Synapse controls, we could eliminate these by turning the haptic effects to a lower level. Thanks to the thick padding of the cups, the vibration effect remains pleasant even when it is turned all the way up; however, there are times when we would like to turn the haptic effect completely off and this is… read more

XFX AMD Radeon RX 5600 XT 6GB GDDR6 THICC III Ultra Video Card Review

Videocards/VGA Reviews by stefan @ 2020-02-12 read/post comments(0)

With the release of the Radeon RX 5700 XT 8GB GDDR6 Ultra THICC III, XFX has refined the cooling system quite a bit and now we do have a card that only occupies two slots, remains cool during maximum load and at the same time the fans remain at very low noise levels. Even though the card runs with the memory at 12Gbps, the used packages are rated at 14Gbps, so we have some overclocking headroom for sure in this regard, while the GPU reaches nearly 1750MHz boost clock in Time Spy Extreme, as the manufacturer intended. XFX and AMD themselves have intended to recommend this card for 1080P resolutions while gaming, but we have seen situations when this card… read more

SteelSeries Rival 3 Wired Gaming Mouse Review

Others/Mice & Keyboards by stefan @ 2020-02-09 read/post comments(0)

Due to its low weight and comfortable shape, we have used the mouse without any issues while writing several reviews but also while playing titles such as DOOM, Star Wars: The Old Republic and Bioshock 2. Up to 2560x1440 screen resolution we did not see the need of using higher CPI values than Rival 3 can offer, while the left/right click buttons have a nice feel to it, while being quite silent. Even if we are talking about an entry-level product, we do have the RGB LED lighting system split on three different segments, with different configuration options; SteelSeries does also mention that with this mouse they have used the brightest LEDs to date, measuring around 750 lux. read more

Creative SXFI THEATER 2.4GHz Low Latency Wireless Headphones Review

Audio/Others by stefan @ 2020-02-05 read/post comments(0)

After creating the profile in the SXFI mobile application, we went ahead and installed SXFI Control for easy upload purposes, while leaving the EQ in neutral position. We did listen to quite a bit of YouTube clips, 1080P and 4K TV Shows/Movies but also played Injustice 2, SWTOR and Resident Evil 2: Creative’s implementation of holographic audio really makes a difference and offers a very nice experience even when only voices are involved. Besides really great virtual 7.1 positioning, we have found that the bass levels do not decrease when enabling Super X-Fi technology as we have seen with other surround sound implementations, which adds even more to the immersion. read more

CORSAIR iCUE H115i RGB PRO XT Liquid CPU Cooler Review

Cooling/CPU Cooling by stefan @ 2020-01-30 read/post comments(0)

The H115i RGB PRO XT AIO offers visible improvements over its predecessor by including an even better pump assembly and while working with the Quiet and Balanced profiles for the fans we have observed lower temperatures on the Ryzen 9 3900X in both IDLE and Full Load; we need to mention that both coolers have had similar fan speeds in this modes, the only big difference being with the Extreme profile (1131RPM vs 1491RPM on the XT). read more
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[M] Silicon Power 2x16GB DDR4-3200 XPOWER Turbine RGB Memory Kit Review

@ 2020/02/18 read/post comments(0)
The XPOWER Turbine RGB 32GB kit from Silicon Power does offer wide compatibility for configuration in terms of LED lighting, while the Samsung ICs are carefully selected from the factory, in order to stay stable at the programmed XMP timings.… Go To Full Article

Huawei stole Cisco source code 20 years ago

@ 2020/02/18 read/post comments(0)
US's most recent "proof" of Chinese "spying." Huawei and its Santa Clara-based subsidiary Futurewei stole trade secrets from San Jose tech giant Cisco and used them to copy Cisco routers, the US government claims. … Go To Full Article

Northrop Grumman has successful space launch

@ 2020/02/18 read/post comments(0)
Taking snacks to the International Space Station Northrop Grumman has successfully had a space launch which has bought supplies (as well as scientific equipment for experiments) to the astronauts on the International Space Station. … Go To Full Article

Dark mode is not as good for your eyes

@ 2020/02/18 read/post comments(0)
It is all style over sense The move by software companies to produce natty looking dark interfaces might be a sacrifice of readability and eyesight for style. Cosima Piepenbrock and her colleagues at the… Go To Full Article

Amazon boss spends $10 billion to fight climate change

@ 2020/02/18 read/post comments(0)
Hacks off Trump who says that Climate Change is a scam Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos says he's launching a $10 billion Bezos Earth Fund that will issue grants aimed at addressing climate change. The… Go To Full Article

Kung Flu kicks Apple in its crown jewels

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We will not make as much money as we thought Apple has warned that it will not meet the revenue guidance for the March quarter due to the coronavirus. Apple said that public health… Go To Full Article

Trump mulls blocking shipment of chips to Huawei

@ 2020/02/18 read/post comments(0)
Will lean on TSMC to get Huawei to pay for it The Trump administration is considering changing US regulations to allow it to block shipments of chips to Huawei from companies such as Taiwan's TSMC.… Go To Full Article

Gates says electric cars face major obstacle

@ 2020/02/18 read/post comments(0)
Even if he just bought one Software King of the World Sir William Gates III has revealed that he has bought his first-ever electric car, the Porshe Taycan, but thinks there is still a major obstacle for… Go To Full Article

Tesoro Gram Spectrum TKL Keyboard @ TechPowerUp

@ 2020/02/18 read/post comments(0)
Tesoro decided the Gram Spectrum series of keyboards from 2016 deserves a TKL version, and the newer Gram Spectrum TKL reaps the benefits of their updated software suite, too. It is a low-profile keyboard employing 3.5 mm travel mechanical switches… Go To Full Article

Cadillac will unveil its first all-electric vehicle in April

@ 2020/02/18 read/post comments(0)
We'll soon finally see the midsize electric crossover Cadillac previewed way back in January 2019. Cadillac president Steve Carlisle has revealed that the company will unveil the crossover, its first all-electric vehicle, in April at the National Aut... … Go To Full Article

Now 'League of Legends' star Faker is a part-owner of his esports team

@ 2020/02/18 read/post comments(0)
Lee "Faker" Sang-hyeok has been an esports superstar and key member of the T1 League of Legends team since 2013, and a new three-year contract with the squad adds "part owner" to his title. As first reported by ESPN, while… Go To Full Article

'Assassin's Creed: Syndicate' will be free on Epic's game store this week

@ 2020/02/18 read/post comments(0)
The Epic Games Store's freebies can be hit or miss, but this is one you might want to consider if you're a stealth action fan. Epic is making Ubisoft's Assassin's Creed: Syndicate available for free between February 20th and February… Go To Full Article

You can make your own rotary cellphone

@ 2020/02/18 read/post comments(0)
As convenient as modern cellphones are, there's a certain charm to spinning an old-fashioned rotary dial to make a call -- and now, there's a cellphone that caters to that nostalgia. Brookhaven National Lab engineer Justine Haupt has developed a… Go To Full Article

Microsoft releases its unified Office app for Android

@ 2020/02/18 read/post comments(0)
Microsoft has followed through on its promise of a unified Office mobile app -- for some people, anyway. Following months of beta testing, the company has released the all-in-one productivity app for Android phone users. Like before, this lets you...… Go To Full Article

Alphacool Eisblock XPX Aurora Edge CPU Water Block @ TechPowerUp

@ 2020/02/18 read/post comments(0)
Alphacool has been busy making different versions of the base Eisblock XPX CPU water block design originally introduced in 2016. We take a look at the Eisblock XPX Aurora Edge today, which is a higher profile version with integrated d-RGB… Go To Full Article

Glorious GMMK Mechanical Keyboard Barebone Edition Review

@ 2020/02/18 read/post comments(0)
It may not be the most feature-rich model in the market but thanks to its modular design which allows you to equip it both with switches of your choosing by Kailh and/or Gateron and either with ABS and/or PBT keycaps… Go To Full Article

Apple warns of iPhone 'supply shortages' due to coronavirus outbreak

@ 2020/02/18 read/post comments(0)
The consequences of the coronavirus outbreak will be worse than expected for Apple. The tech firm has warned that global iPhone supply will be "temporarily constrained" while it resumes production. Although its factory partners have reopened, those f... … Go To Full Article

EU won't let Facebook tell it how to regulate tech giants

@ 2020/02/18 read/post comments(0)
The European Union won't let Facebook tell it how to regulate Big Tech. Today, EU industry commissioner Thierry Breton said Facebook will have to adapt to the EU's standards, not the other way around, Reuters reports. Go To Full Article

Jeff Bezos pledges $10 billion to combat climate change

@ 2020/02/18 read/post comments(0)
Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos announced today he plans to contribute $10 billion toward fighting climate change through the creation of a new philanthropic project called the Bezos Earth Fund. "Climate change is the biggest threat to our planet," Bezos wrote...… Go To Full Article

RCS messaging comes to Windows 10's Your Phone app

@ 2020/02/18 read/post comments(0)
When Samsung's new Galaxy S20 phones make their way to stores early next month, they'll be able to relay RCS messages to Windows 10 PCs. It's all thanks to Microsoft's Your Phone app, which the company is updating to enable… Go To Full Article

The synth tones of 'Blade Runner' now fit on your desk

@ 2020/02/18 read/post comments(0)
Yamaha's CS-80 is one of the biggest synths ever -- whether in size, tone or resale price. Most notably remembered for being Vangelis' go-to instrument when composing the score for Blade Runner, the 220-pound behemoth sells for over $20,000 on… Go To Full Article

Apple Music's Replay 2020 playlist tracks your favorites week-by-week

@ 2020/02/18 read/post comments(0)
You don't have to sit tight until December to start your 2020 retrospective. As promised, Apple Music has made its automatic Replay 2020 playlist available to subscribers through its beta web player. You'll have to visit the site through a… Go To Full Article

Google is ending its Station free public WiFi program

@ 2020/02/18 read/post comments(0)
After almost four years of providing free internet access to people in developing countries, Google plans to shut down its Station program. The initiative saw the search giant offer free public WiFi at 400 railway stations in India and more… Go To Full Article

Half-Life: Alyx will launch March 23rd 2020

@ 2020/02/18 read/post comments(0)
Don't forget the VR headset Go To Full Article

Huawei and Honor set their online MWC 2020 events

@ 2020/02/18 read/post comments(0)
Date set for February 24th As MWC 2020 has been officially canceled, Huawei and Honor have now set the date for an online event, which will include a live stream with CEO, Richard Yu, as the host. Go To Full Article

What we’re listening to: Caspian

@ 2020/02/18 read/post comments(0)
In this installment of what we currently have in our earbuds, senior editor Billy Steele explains why some post-rock tunes are is current favorite work music. Go To Full Article

'State of Decay 2' is getting a major free update

@ 2020/02/18 read/post comments(0)
State of Decay 2 is getting a major update -- and it's no standard content patch either. The total overhaul -- appropriately titled "the Juggernaut Edition" -- will see the game's graphics and audio get a far-reaching remaster, as well… Go To Full Article

EVGA GeForce RTX 2060 KO Graphics Card

@ 2020/02/18 read/post comments(0)
" ... EVGA always produces a reliable product and they have once again answered the call and provided us with the EVGA GeForce RTX 2060 KO. This card has a best of any other 2060 and the one of the… Go To Full Article

Adam Savage turned Spot the robodog into a creepy rickshaw driver

@ 2020/02/18 read/post comments(0)
Boston Dynamics has long touted robotic dog Spot's ability to help out in disaster situations and to take on jobs too hazardous for humans, but what practical applications does it have for the average Joe? Beyond scuttling around your house… Go To Full Article

Tesla told to stop cutting down trees

@ 2020/02/18 read/post comments(0)
You are supposed to be green The carmaker of choice for polar-bear friendly, recyclers who knit their own yoghurt, Tesla has received a bollocking from a German court for cutting down trees. In a… Go To Full Article

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