Fresh 'n Rebel Rockbox Chunk Fabriq Edition Wireless Speaker Review

Audio/Speakers&Amps by stefan @ 2016-05-30 read/post comments()

Rockbox Chunk speaker was tested while connected to our Sound Blaster ZxR sound card on Aux but also to our MEIZU MX4 smartphone on Bluetooth for listening to music on YouTube and various other clips and we can say that we were impressed regarding the amount of volume this device can deliver without distorting, also with a decent amount of bass. The top media controls are easy accessible and because of the long usage times, it is ideal to be taken outside when on trips, picnics and other activities. The Fabriq Edition is considerably more special than the original because of the retro look and can be picked in five different colors. read more

TP-LINK Neffos C5L Smartphone Review

Mobile/Smart Phones by stefan @ 2016-05-26 read/post comments()

Neffos C5L was mainly designed for people which do not want to spend a lot when purchasing a smartphone and its dimensions are ideal in a market which is flooded with phablets. The back shooter can produce good quality photos to be used online and the interface has been simplified so anyone can take a photo with ease. We are not talking about “another” MTK smartphone this time, but incorporates a Qualcomm Snapdragon 210 SoC along with 1GB of RAM and 8GB of internal memory; if this storage space is not enough for us, then we can supplement with up to 32GB via microSDHC cards. read more

Trio of SFF CPU Coolers Review

Cooling/CPU Cooling by leeghoofd @ 2016-05-25 read/post comments()

Small form factors are becoming more and more popular: each motherboard and enclosure brand have several offerings in their lineups and their range is constantly expanding. The time when small was linked to limited power is long gone! These mini PCs can pack some serious punch and are capable to even outperform a full desktop offering, hence why gamers are also jumping on the small form factor wagon as it combines performance with ease of transportation. There are some drawbacks on several aspects alike the amount of possible storage, graphics card compatibility and possible cooling options. Today we are going to tackle the latter and will test three coolers specifically designed to be compatible for this popular factor. We will… read more

Shuttle XPC Cube Barebone SZ170R8 Review

Others/All-in-one PC by stefan @ 2016-05-24 read/post comments()

With the SZ170R8, Shuttle has eliminated some of the compatibility with somewhat unused hardware nowadays like optical drives and made some serious space for installing no less than four 3.5’’ drives inside the 14.2 litre chassis. A fan was also added in front in order to cool these but also for facilitating a more fluent airflow from the front to the back of the case; the case does support installation of up to 64GB of RAM (DDR4, 2133MHz), a dual-slot video card (which can be powered by one 6-pin and one 8-pin PSU connector), a M.2 SSD, an optional Wireless LAN card, a COM-port for special applications but also 2.5’’ drives with an extra adapter. read more

Thecus 2-bay N2810 4K NAS Review

Others/Networking Gear by stefan @ 2016-05-20 read/post comments()

The N2810 SMB Tower NAS from Thecus packs the low-power Intel Celeron N3050 Dual Core CPU at its heart and is paired with 2GB of DDR3 RAM. Two LAN ports are available for failover or LAG configurations while the HDMI interface can display up to 4K output (30Hz) on our TV, with the possibility to playback 4K video in H264 format (since it is supported via hardware). read more

Supermicro C7Z170-OCE Z170 LGA1151 Motherboard Review

Motherboards/Intel S1151 by stefan @ 2016-05-16 read/post comments()

After accumulating a ton of experience in the server board area, Supermicro is now also active in the gaming motherboards area, by providing a catchy look theme, a clean motherboard layout but also server-grade components in order to supply to the end-user a durable product. The integrated Avago PEX8747 extends PCI-E lanes to 32, we have a dual-NIC Gigabit Intel solution available which also can be paired in a LAG configuration, M.2 slot for connecting additional storage, a Realtek ALC1150 CODEC for audio and also an 8-layer PCB design. read more
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