AMD Phenom II X4 940 Subzero Overclocking Test: 6Ghz Obtainable?

Overclocking/Overclocking Tests by massman @ 2009-02-06

There is no denying that the AMD Phenom II´s overclocking capabilities were hyped before launch, at CES AMD showcased the CPU running at 6.4Ghz. How realistic is this result for us enthusiasts? Can such a stunt be repeated? Time to find out.

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Results and conclusive thoughts


Madshrimps (c)

Madshrimps (c) Madshrimps (c) Madshrimps (c)

SuperPi 1M - Pifast - 3DMark05 (clickable)

Madshrimps (c)

In HWBot I managed to hit first place in the 1M benchmark, however, a Japanese top-overclocker named Kyosen, who does not participate in the HWbot league, has already been able to hit 11.156s. No doubt, I will re-try this CPU and see if I can get any closer to his score.

Conclusive thoughts

To be honest, I have mixed feelings regarding the obtained results of this overclocking session. On the one hand, Blind and me did hit some nice numbers such as the first place in SuperPi 1M in the Phenom II X4 940 category over at HWBot (third overall) and the cpu was in fact quite stable in 3D, 5.6GHz using only 1.76v, but ... those numbers were all done on a single core, not quad core. With all cores at the same frequency, the maximum stable will probably be around 5.4-5.5GHz, which is quite far under the 6.1GHz we reached in 1M. We hope that it's just because our sample is not the best there is and that with a new, handpicked, sample we'll be able to reach higher frequencies.

Regarding the motherboards, I have to say I'm impressed. Not only did it withstand temperatures below -180°C, it was in fact quite stable as well. In addition, we had not a single bios or boot issue during the entire 7h overclocking session, which is fairly impressive.

To end, I'd like to give my appreciation to:
  • Wendell and Erik from DFI for providing us the DFI LanParty DK 790GX-M2RS
  • Milan from Asus for sending us a sample of the Asus ENGTX295
  • Steeve from AMD for the Phenom II X4 940
  • Tobias from OCZ for the package of OCZ Freeze
  • Blind_ripper ... for the big help during the session

    Madshrimps (c)

    I hope you enjoyed reading this OC report, until next time, click the banner below to read up on our previous overclocking endeavors:

    Madshrimps (c)

    Extra's: LN2 in action

    LN2 flowing over the container, no coldbug, not at all

    Running 3DMark05 using one core: check the temperature in this load situation, it barely increases
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