Galaxy Geforce 9500 GT Voltage Modification and Overclocking

Overclocking/Overclocking Tests by massman @ 2009-03-23

While we´ve been spoiled with high end hardware these last couple of months, we must admit that sometimes lower end hardware brings as much thrills to the overclocking game as the expensive video cards. In this article we will show you how the most performance from a Galaxy Geforce 9500 GT using stock cooling and a hot soldering iron.

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Madshrimps (c)

Before we jump into the action, a quick overview of the company Galaxy:

"Established since 1994, GALAXY Technology is dedicated in the manufacturing and distribution of quality computer components. Head office in Hong Kong and factory located in China, this combination of business structure offers us the very competitive edge. It combines all the advantage of technology vision, technology know-how, and the cost competitiveness of production in China.

VGA card manufacturing is our prime business. After years of establishment, business is growing solidly and stably, with quality to be our No.1 priority, our products can meet the most demanding OEM requirement.And we believe in Win-Win, customer's growth and profitability is our key concern, that is how we establish our strong foot hold from the years of OEM manufacturing with our partners.
Vision to grow

Business growth is enormous, in early 2000, we have taken major step to further expand market by launching our brands of NVIDIA line VGA card - Glacier and Zeus. The encouraging result and feedback from customers has confirmed our strategy to fully explore Glacier and Zues brands and distribution. Growth of business do not stop at computer card manufacturing, in parallel with our long years of exposure in computer field, it gained us extensive networks in Hong Kong, SouthEast Asia, USA, Europe and China."

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    Madshrimps (c)

    We have had this out-of-the-box overclocked 9500GT for a while now, over 7 months to be more precise, but every time we thought of overclocking this card something came in between. Last weekend, however, we did find the time to work on this little overclocking article!

    Before we begin, let's have a look at the conclusion in our review:
    "Looking at the card, it seems that Galaxy did a good job designing their own PCB. The higher clock frequencies do pay off, making the card faster than its direct competitor and in contrary to what we would expect; the card doesn't have any higher level of temperature or power consumption. Another eye-catcher is the card being a bit shorter, which suits the idea of a low-end card. The extra power connector should help when overclocking, especially when increasing the voltage. Speaking of which, both cards still run at reference voltages, which is 1,1v and should thus give a good headroom if you are interested in voltage modifications."
    (~ Galaxy and Leadtek 9500 GT Tested and Compared)

    Now, we fired up our Core i7 test setup and later in the overclocking session the Mach2 Single Stage cooling unit to accompany this card to break a few world records.

    Test setup

    Madshrimps' X58 Test Setup

  • Intel Core i7 965 (click for picture)
  • Cooling
  • Noctua NH-U12P
  • nVentic Mach2 cooling unit
  • Mainboard
  • Foxconn Bloodrage
  • Memory 3 * 2GB OCZ Reaper PC-14400
  • Galaxy OC 9500GT
  • Antec 1000W PSU
  • Western Digital 320Gb SATA HDD
  • Western Digital 500Gb SATA HDD
  • Windows XP SP3 32-bit
  • Windows Vista SP1 64-bit
  • OCZ Freeze thermal paste

  • Special thanks to: TONES

    Before we continue we like to thank Tones ( for their continued support, with their help Madshrimps is able to give you articles with the latest high-end hardware. If you live in Belgium, check out their online store for sharp prices, quick delivery and excellent support:

    Madshrimps (c)

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