Samsung Digimax S700 Digital Camera Review

Others/Miscelleneous by SidneyWong @ 2007-08-03

The Samsung Digitmax S700 digital camera incorporates some of the features that are not common from the traditional camera makers such as Nikon and Canon. The Digimax S700 may satisfy most users looking for low cost, point and shoot family duties with maximum 7.2 MegaPixels resolution and readily available household AA battery.

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Settings & Programmed Modes

Pre-Programmed Modes:

As in any digital camera, the learning curve in the navigation of control can drive some users crazy. Taking a quick tour from the manual does help most of the time. If time is what you don't have, the pre-set function dial will get you some decent photos most of the time.

Left photo below; next to the on/off power, a dial with indicated function modes:
  • Auto
  • Program
  • Manual
  • Night mode
  • Portrait
  • Scene
  • Movie

Madshrimps (c)Madshrimps (c)

The right side photo above where you see the W and T bar (wide angle & tele) and below that is a button marked "E" which stands for "Effect". Pushing the "E" button will show all pre-programmed effects on screen shown on the last gif at bottom of this page.


Madshrimps (c)
(Animation of the different settings screens)

Some of the basis setup whether you choose to use full auto mode or not. They are quite simple:
  • Metering- choose Multi or spot (the last being pinpoint light metering)
  • Shooting- choice of single or continuous
  • Sharpness- Soft, Normal or Vivid
  • OSD- On Screen Display, chocie of Full, Basic or LCD save
  • Setup- Date, Language, Memory card format, auto power shut down
  • MyCam- alarm sound setting
  • Size- Resolution options

Advance users could try out the manual settings:

Madshrimps (c)
(Animation of the different settings screens)

Here you could adjust:
  • f/Stop, Shutter speed
  • Manual setting on color balance
  • Manual setting on ISO

For the creative minds:

You will find 6 different frame settings; pain the picture of your own color emphasis or choose the conditions of the surrounding in pre-programmed modes.

Madshrimps (c)
(Animation of the different settings screens)

I am quite satisfied with what Samsung S700 is providing insofar; something for everyone whether you are novice, intermediate or advance users looking for a digital camera at this price range.
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