MC-004 - Melvine large HDD VU kit

Modding/Small Mods by biCker @ 2002-09-12

Tired seeing that boring HDD led flashing on and off? Then the Melvine MC-004 kit is what you need!

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A while ago, I received a little box from Melvine with a nice little casemodder item in it: the large hdd vu kit "blue edition". This box contains a dutch only manual, a drilling template and the hdd vu kit itself offcourse.

Madshrimps (c)

as you can see, there are 7 leds mounted on the pcb together with all the usual resistors, pots etc. For the MC-004 BE (which this review is about) these leds are blue, other kits are available with green en yellow leds and also in a smaller format with only 4 leds. Handy people can also order these kits in a "build it yourself" version but for me thats a no go. Who knows how many kits I"d need before having made one that actually works ;)!!

What more can I tell you before taking this baby for a ride? Erhm... oh yes, the price maybe. Well, this little beauty is yours for 27.00 EUR. Expensive you say; considering the fact there are 7 blue leds (which are not really cheap) and that you only have to drill 7 holes and connect 4 wires to have it up and running I don"t think so! For prices on other kits I advice you to a peek on the Melvine website.


I can hear you asking "What is this kit doing" since you started reading this article. Well, it can used for two things: reading out the amount of activity on your HDD or on your LAN. Normally this is done by one led only so thats no big thrill. The more activity, the more leds are lit, simple as that... The only problem showing this to you, is the abcense of a camera here (any sponsor is welcome to donate me one ;) )

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